Leonardo DiCaprio Premiers “Before the Flood” Climate Change Documentary

Environmental activist and Academy Award®-winning actorThe stakeholder is a person, group, or entity who has a direct or indirect role and interest in the goals or objectives and implementation of a program/intervention and/or its evaluation. (Glossary Monitoring and Evaluation Terms; MERG Monitoring & Evaluation Reference Group and UNAIDS) Leonardo DiCaprio and Academy Award®-winning filmmaker Fisher Stevens premier their documentary film, Before the FloodThe overflowing of the normal confines of a stream or other body of water, or the accumulation of water over areas that are not normally submerged. Floods include river (fluvial) floods, flash floods, urban floods, pluvial floods, sewer floods, coastal floods, and glacial lake outburst floods ..., a compelling account of the powerful changes occurring on our planet due to climate changeClimate change is a lasting change in weather patterns over long periods of time. It can be a natural phenomena and and has occurred on Earth even before people inhabited it. Quite different is a current situation that is also referred to as climate change, anthropogenic climate change, or ....

Before the Flood will appear in theaters in NYC and LA starting October 21, and air globally on the National Geographic Channel starting October 30.

Leonardo DiCaprio, President Barack Obama and Texas Tech University climate scientist Katherine Hayhoe discuss climate change, prior to a premier screening of “Before the Flood”.

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