Why Science Says You Must Spend Time Outdoors

By Celene Holmes
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Nowadays, we see people walking around the streets on their phones, as well as students studying in the library with laptops instead of books. Indeed, technology has taken over the lives of many people today.

Most people see staying indoors in a positive light, but, according to the World Health Organization (WHO)’s latest reports, there are 4.3 million deaths per year globally due to indoor air pollutionIndoor pollution is often caused by cooking over open fires and affects the health of women and children most. exposure. So, we might as well get out for fresh air and some outdoor action!

There are a lot of things you can do outdoors like playing games such as football, basketball, and Frisbee. You can go on adventures such as hiking, swimming, and camping. Not only could you enjoy these activities and socialize with other people, but it could also help in maintaining a fit and balanced lifestyle. Spending time outdoors provides more than the benefit of physical activity. Did you know that kids and even adults who spend their time mostly indoors are at a higher risk of having eye defects?

You can learn more from this infographic: Why Science Says You Must Spend Time Outdoors.


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