Tons of dead fish washed ashore in central Vietnam

Tons of various species of dead fish washed ashore along the central coastCoasts are projected to be exposed to increasing risks, including coastal erosion, due to climate change and sea level rise. The effect will be exacerbated by increasing human-induced pressures on coastal areas (very high confidence). By the 2080s, many millions more people than today are ... of Vietnam over the last couple of days. The fish bodies show signs of poisoning and an investigation is being carried out to investigate the issue. The local authorities claim such an environmental disaster is unprecedented.

A massive amount of dead marine life has been found along the coastal regions in the provinces of Ha Tinh, Quang Tri, Quang Binh and Hue. Dead fish include different specimens, those living far offshore as well as those inhabiting the deep waters.

“We have never seen anything like it,”  said Nhu Van Can, an aquaculture official.

According to local fishermen, hundreds of kilograms of fish are being buried away on a daily basis, and the bodies can be seen all over the sea-floor only a few kilometers offshore.

Tran Dinh Du, deputy director of agricultureCultivation of the ground and harvesting of crops and handling of livestock, the primary function is the provision of food and feed. in Quang Binh province stated the signs indicate the fish have been poisoned by unidentified substances. People have been warned not to consume or use the fish to feed the livestock.

Video credit: Discovery Viet Nam

A team of environmental experts has been appointed to discover what has caused this disaster, according to the Ministry of Environment: “We must quickly establish whether the fish have died because of environmental pollution,” said Tran Hong Ha, a minister of environment.

Vietnam greatly relies on the export income from various seafood, farmed and caught along its long coastlines. During 2015 alone, the country made $6.6bn from seafood export only.

Featured image credit: Discovery Viet Nam

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