Car disappears in Ufa sinkhole, Urals, Russia

At least 6 meters (20 feet) deep sinkhole opened up on November 25, 2016 in the city of Ufa, Urals, Russia and slowly swallowed a car. 

The owner of Lada Kalina called rescuers and frantically waited for them to show up as she watched her car slowly disappear.

By the time the rescuers arrived at the scene, the car was almost completely under muddy waterClimate change is expected to exacerbate current stresses on water resources from population growth and economic and land-use change, including urbanisation. On a regional scale, mountain snow pack, glaciers and small ice caps play a crucial role in freshwater availability. Widespread mass ....

Local media said that rescue workers drained sinkhole but found no car in it.

They said it had been carried away by the stream of water that washed over the earth in the first place.

It is unclear at this point what exactly caused the sinkhole, but some reports mention an underground river runs nearby. 

The western slope of the Ural Mountains, where Ufa is located, has predominantly karst topography, especially in the basin of the Sylva River, which is a tributary of the Chusovaya River.

There are many caves, karst sinks and underground streams. The karst topography is much less developed on the eastern slopes.

Featured image credit: Vladimir Kobzev

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