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Louisiana’s $50 billion coastal master plan, $644 million annual plan OK’d by Senate.

The latest version of Louisiana’s $50 billion, 50-year coastal master plan, as well as the $644 million annual plan to fund its restoration and protection work next year, were approved Thursday (May 17) by the Louisiana Senate. Sen. Dan “Blade” Morrish, R-Jennings, said the master plan will reduce risk for coastal communities, and that its restoration and hurricane protection projects ...

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Shrimp aids climate change battle in Vietnam.

Rising sea levels have exacerbated saline intrusion and coastal erosion in Vietnam, but farmers can make the best out of a bad situation by shifting from agriculture to aquaculture, raising brackish water shrimp. Shrimp farming in the southern province of Bac Lieu. This view was expressed by the Directorate of Fisheries (DoF) at the fourth agricultural promotion forum held in ...

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Rising seas could be turning Jersey’s coastal cedars into ghost forests.

Advertisment [embedded content] Jennifer Walker picked her way through the swamp, avoiding the muck while ducking under branches and climbing over felled trees. To her left loomed one of the large “ghost forests” of the Jersey coastal plain: dead Atlantic white cedar trees, standing pale and bare at the edge of salt marshes. Scientists such as Walker, a 25-year-old doctoral candidate ...

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Find out what is true and false about climate change.

CLOSE Researchers in Antarctica have discovered rapidly growing banks of mosses on the ice continent’s northern peninsula, providing striking evidence of climate change in the coldest and most remote parts of the planet. Buzz60 Melting glaciers are a clear sign of climat change and global warming. (Photo: Bernhard_Staehli, Getty Images/iStockphoto) The subject of climate change may or may not come up at ...

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Endocrine disrupting chemicals: Is your home making you sick?

Our modern lives are drenched in chemicals, some of which can mimic hormones in our body’s endocrine system. Obesity, type 2 diabetes, and some cancer rates are on the rise in humans. While sperm count and fertility is on a downward slide in some populations. What if chemical exposure was partly responsible for these trends? One hypothesis is that a ...

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Vanishing Borneo: Saving one of the world’s last great places.

Borneo’s magnificent rain forest is being decimated to make way for oil palm plantations. Consumers of the countless products made with palm oil, from toothpaste to chocolate bars, hold the key to protecting the most ancient forest on earth.  Palm oil is the second-most important oil in the modern consumer society, after petroleum. Producing it is a $50-billion-a-year business. It’s ...

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6 reasons Trump can’t (totally) derail progress on climate.

If ever there was a symbolic moment when the past met the future, it arrived as the Kentucky Coal Mining Museum announced in April it is converting to solar. To save money. Coming from Harlan County, a place so deeply imbued with mining that coal has been considered its lifeblood for more than a century, the news immediately went viral. ...

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