10 odd roadside attractions

Worth a detour Road trips still have a special allure for many Americans. In fact, 80 percent of the respondents to a recent AAA survey said they planned to take a road trip at some point during the summer. Roadside attractions will be a part of many of these behind-the-wheel vacations. Many of these highway-side landmarks are decidedly strange — ...

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Chinese heritage site adds speed bumps for brisk-walking tourists

Considering all of the unexpected things that one might encounter at a UNESCO Heritage Site, the pedestrian speed bumps that now line a major footpath in the ancient Chinese canal town of Tai’erzhuang could very well be a first. Purportedly installed by officials to slow the pace of fleet-footed visitors, 50 so-called “calming devices” almost completely blanket a 100-meter (328 ...

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This tiny, stunning Italian village will pay you to move there

Bormida has a population of only 394. It’s a gorgeous village located in the mountains of Italy, in the northwest Liguria region. Despite its beauty and the promise of a minimalist and low-stress life, Bormida is in danger of becoming a ghost town. Faced with a diminishing population, Mayor Daniele Galliano came up with a proposal that would bring new ...

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10 places to appreciate before they vanish

Bright spots Sea levels are predicted to rise 20 inches in the next century, and those encroaching waters may mean the end of small island nations that reside at sea level. Coral reefs, home to about 25 percent of all marine species, are dying around the world as rising ocean temperatures have led to mass coral bleaching events. And melting ...

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30 Tips to Get Your Car Ready for a Summer Road Trip

With summer around the corner, millions of Americans are planning road trips. And why not? It’s a great way to let go, see the country and make memories with friends and family. Hitting the highways can be an epic adventure or an epic headache if you’re not careful. Unless you want to end up in a “National Lampoon Vacation” movie, ...

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8 fairy tale-like destinations you can see in real life

Whole new worlds Some regions of the world are defined by their landscapes — the deserts of the American Southwest, the Alps of Central Europe, the arid Outback of inland Australia. But some geographic features defy definition. These strange places might be more at home in a storybook or as the background in an anime film, like the Philippines’ Chocolate ...

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10 of the largest monoliths in the world

Rock on Some of the world’s most recognizable natural landmarks are monoliths. Uluru (pictured) and El Capitan are so well-known that tourists plan their itineraries around them. These massive stones were formed in prehistoric times by violent eruptions, tectonic shifts or eons of erosion. Some are still surrounded by legends, while others are pilgrimage sites or considered so sacred that ...

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9 heart-pumping places for adventure sports fans

Calling all thrill-seekers The most popular travel destinations are diversified. The best ski resorts have spent decades developing off-season recreation offerings. Many busy beaches provide inland alternatives like canopy walks or zipline tours. Even major cities promote adventures on waterways or in the rural outskirts of town. Whether they’re major cities or small mountain towns, these places don’t just offer ...

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How to Make Your Car Parts Last Longer

The less often you have to replace your car’s parts, the better. How can you make your car parts last longer? A little bit of maintenance goes a long way. Here, tips and tricks on vehicle upkeep and usage that will save you money and help keep your ride in road-ready condition. Powered by WPeMatico

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