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Air pollution linked to poor sleep, study finds.

Air pollution might be linked to poor sleep, say researchers looking into the impact of toxic air on our slumbers. Looking tired can harm your social life, say researchers Read more The study explored the proportion of time participants spent asleep in bed at night compared with being awake – a measure known as sleep efficiency. The results reveal that ...

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Bacteria harness the lotus effect to protect themselves

Dental plaque and the viscous brown slime in drainpipes are two familiar examples of bacterial biofilms. Removing such bacterial depositions from surfaces is often very difficult, in part because they are extremely water-repellent. A team of scientists from the Technical University of Munich (TUM) has now been able to show how such biofilms adapt their surface texture to repel water ...

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New Webinar Now Available On Demand – Measuring Opacity and Particulate Emissions From Combustion Processes

View our webinar where we introduce the concepts behind opacity and particulate measurement, describe the key technologies and provide detailed insight into the requirements for a successful installation. An opacity monitor provides a simple and robust means for emissions monitoring in combustion processes, but under some conditions a particulate matter (PM) monitor may be necessary. Smoke and particulate matter (PM) ...

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Breathe easier, Hong Kong is on course to hit global air pollution target.

A report on Hong Kong’s efforts to improve air quality is expected to show “significant progress” towards hitting international targets in cutting pollutants over the past 4½ years and by 2020, the city’s No 2 environment official says. Annual average concentrations of PM10 – specks of respirable particulates smaller than 10 microns that can enter deep into the lungs – ...

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Will Iran’s next president care enough to put the environment first?

Four years ago one of the candidates in Iran’s presidential election made himself popular by promising to save Lake Urmia, one of the world’s largest saltwater lakes that was on the cusp of disappearing. Now, President Hassan Rouhani proudly recounts that promise, citing Urmia’s current state as an environmental success story made possible by prudent decision-making. Recent intense rainfalls and ...

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No matter what Trump does, big cities pressing for cleaner cars.

The auto industry can’t count on a rollback of environmental standards by U.S. President Donald Trump to escape increasing worldwide pressure to make vehicles cleaner. Rather than national and international bodies, the big push for change is coming from urban centers like Paris, Seoul and Mexico City, and U.S. states such as California, where leaders are reacting to the health hazards caused by ...

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