Climate change could drive coastal food webs to collapse.

Coastal marine food webs could be in danger of collapse as a result of rising carbon dioxide levels, according to our new research. The study shows that although species such as algae will receive a boost, the positive effects are likely to be cancelled out by the increased stress to species further up the food chain such as predatory fish. ...

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Caribbean scientists work to limit climate impact on marine environment.

Biodiversity, Caribbean Climate Wire, Climate Change, Combating Desertification and Drought, Environment, Featured, Food & Agriculture, Green Economy, Headlines, Latin America & the Caribbean, Natural Resources, Projects, Water & Sanitation In the Turks and Caicos, the government is searching for new ways to manage the conch and lobster populations. Credit: Zadie Neufville/IPS KINGSTON, Jamaica, Apr 28 2017 (IPS) – Caribbean scientists ...

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Ten years, 3 million pounds of soil and 1,800 sensors.

The numbers behind the world’s largest weathering experiment.   The white domes and glass pyramids of Biosphere 2 rise high above the desert outside Tucson, Arizona. In the early 1990s, it housed eight people for two years as part of a notoriously failed experiment in self-sufficiency. Now it’s a research station maintained by the University of Arizona. In its second ...

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Caribbean rolls out plans to reduce climate change hazards.

Biodiversity, Caribbean Climate Wire, Climate Change, Combating Desertification and Drought, Environment, Featured, Headlines, Humanitarian Emergencies, Latin America & the Caribbean, Natural Resources, Projects, Water & Sanitation Dr. Mark Bynoe, senior environment and resource economist with the Belize-based Caribbean Community Climate Change Centre (CCCCC). Credit: Desmond Brown/IPS KINGSTON, Jamaica, Apr 30 2017 (IPS) – Climate change remains inextricably linked to the ...

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It’s the end of the world and we know it: Scientists in many disciplines see apocalypse, soon.

While apocalyptic beliefs about the end of the world have, historically, been the subject of religious speculation, they are increasingly common among some of the leading scientists today. This is a worrisome fact, given that science is based not on faith and private revelation, but on observation and empirical evidence. Perhaps the most prominent figure with an anxious outlook on ...

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Jared Diamond on what we can learn from traditional societies.

Jared Diamond is regularly stopped in airports by people telling him that his books changed their lives. That’s unusual for a geography professor but the Pulitzer Prize winning author of Guns, Germs, and Steel, Third Chimpanzee and many other popular science books says people respond this way because he writes on the big issues of life that everybody’s concerned with–survival, ...

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The scientists fighting to save us from a world without coffee.

While Washington debates whether climate change is a hoax or an imminent threat, the world coffee industry is not waiting for the American government to take action to protect its business. Coffee crops are under siege from deforestation, abnormally high temperatures, a lack of precipitation, and disease. The global market is heading for its fourth straight year of deficit, according to ...

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Surprise El Niño causes devastation but offers lessons for ecologists.

Leo Ramirez/AFP/Getty An unusual ‘coastal’ El Niño drenched northern Peru and displaced tens of thousands of people. Torrential rains pummelled Peru’s northern coastal desert in February and March, triggering floods that killed at least 113 people and destroyed some 40,000 homes. As families grapple with their losses and government officials tally the cost of repair and reconstruction, scientists are gearing up ...

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