The “License to Kill” bill is as terrifying as it sounds.

Earlier this year, White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon said the Trump administration will be fighting regulations at every turn through “the deconstruction of the administrative state.” The Regulatory Accountability Act, dubbed the “License to Kill bill” by some environmental groups, may kick off that trend by making reining in the industry much more difficult. The act passed the House ...

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GE workers paying price for decades of exposure to toxic chemicals: Report.

Working conditions at General Electric’s Peterborough factory between 1945 and 2000 played a significant role in an “epidemic” of work-related illnesses among employees and retirees, according to a comprehensive study of chemical exposures at the plant. The 173-page report, to be released Thursday, confirms what the community has been saying for years and will be used to support occupational disease ...

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GE workers exposed to toxics for decades.

A new report says people who worked at General Electric in Peterborough between 1945 and 2000 were exposed to more than 3,000 toxic chemicals – 40 of which are either known or suspected carcinogens. The 183-page report was released on Thursday at the Legion on Lansdowne St. in Peterborough. It was written by two retired occupational health researchers, Bob and ...

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Ontario vows to help ailing GE workers.

Ontario will do the “right thing” for workers left fighting cancer and other diseases after toxic exposures at the General Electric factory in Peterborough, Labour Minister Kevin Flynn says. In the wake of a 173-page report by GE retirees and Unifor documenting working conditions in the plant from 1945 to 2000, Flynn said Thursday that he wants an “expedited” settlement ...

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Congressman Lamar Smith of Texas has a problem with science – and with voters.

For most of his four years as chair of the Science Committee, Republican Congressman Lamar Smith of Texas has served up more spectacle than policy. As arguably the showiest climate denier and opponent of environmental regulations in Congress, Smith has orchestrated climate change hearings that are the scientific equivalent of pro-wrestling matches. Stacked with skeptics who mocked mainstream climate science, ...

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Maryland prosecution of environmental crimes at 20-year low.

Maryland is prosecuting its fewest environmental crimes in at least two decades as Gov. Larry Hogan fulfills promises to ease regulatory burdens on businesses. The work force dedicated to enforcing laws and regulations that protect air quality and the Chesapeake Bay has been shrinking since the second term of former Gov. Martin O’Malley, a Democrat. The trend prompted Democrats in ...

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$110 million verdict for plaintiff in fifth talcum powder cancer trial in St. Louis.

ST. LOUIS • A St. Louis Circuit Court jury returned a $110.5 million verdict Thursday for a Virginia woman in a lawsuit claiming Johnson & Johnson’s products caused her ovarian cancer. Lois Slemp, 62, of Wise, Va., claimed her use of the company’s Shower-to-Shower and Baby Powder products over four decades as well as asbestos particles found inside her caused ...

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Meatonomics author says government working with meat and dairy industry to boost consumption.

The Australian government has a vested interest in ensuring the country’s consumption of meat remains the highest in the world, even to the detriment of the population, a US lawyer has said. David Robinson Simon, a Californian attorney and author, has argued that meat and dairy producers in the US and, increasingly, Australia, are teaming with governments to encourage people ...

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Asbestos harms the health of millions of Indian workers. Will the government finally move to ban it?

Last July, 41-year-old Rajesh Vyas, a resident of Ahmedabad, died of mesothelioma – cancer of the protective layer of the lungs called mesothelium. Medical experts believe that exposure to any form of asbestos can cause mesothelioma. Rajesh Vyas did not work at an asbestos factory but his father Kalidas Vyas worked as an engineer at Gujarat Composite, a factory in ...

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