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FDA cracks down on companies pushing vegetable extracts and creams as cancer cures.

The Food and Drug Administration ordered 14 companies to stop making fraudulent claims about cancer cures and warned consumers that such products are untested and possibly dangerous. (Andrew Harnik/AP) Asparagus extract. Exotic teas. Topical creams for your pet — and you. These and dozens of other products are being touted falsely as having “anti-cancer” properties, according to federal regulators who ...

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To be Black in America is also to be Green.

For years now, scientific researchers and civil rights organizations like the NAACP have been documenting the disparate impact of climate change – and its underlying causes – upon Communities of Color. Elijah Cummings On the streets of our cities, as well as in our more rural communities, pollutants from coal-fired power plants are exacerbating serious medical conditions like asthma to ...

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