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edie Live Exhibitor Spotlight: A-Consult

With only ONE WEEK to go before edie Live at the NEC on 23-24 May we get up close and personal with some of our exhibitors to find out what visitors can expect to see at the show, what’s new and how they can help in the drive towards sustainability targets. This week, we hear from liquids handling and storage ...

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Water retail competition: Thousands of business water customers switch in week one

A total of 8,876 premises have switched water retailer in the first week of the competitive market. This includes approximately 7,500 customers which chose to pre-switch before market opening. The programme is thought to be the largest transformational change to the sector since its privatisation in 1989 The figures were published today (7 April) by Market Operator Services Limited (MOSL), ...

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Open for business: England launches world’s largest water retail market

The water retail market for England’s non-domestic water customers is now officially open for business, with company’s across the country able to grasp a portion of an expected £200m economic boost that the opening is expected to bring. A survey carried out by market regulator Ofwat revealed that two-thirds of organisations remain unaware of imminent changes to the water market ...

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Northumbrian and Anglian team up for water retail market

With just over a week to go until the non-household water retail market opens, Anglian Water Business (AWB) and NWG Business have teamed up to create a new retailer of water and wastewater services in England and Scotland. The joint venture creates a business which will have more than a quarter of a million customers The new business will be ...

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Circular wastewater systems ‘underexploited’, says United Nations

As companies link up with charities to raise awareness of World Water Day, a new report from the United Nations (UN) has suggested that the “vast potential” of using wastewater as a resource remains “underexploited”. The report calls for stronger legislation to highlight the “phenomenal cost of inaction” in relation to water treatment The “Wastewater: the untapped resource” report from ...

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Water retail competition savings will be ‘more than expected’

Water consultancy Waterscan has suggested savings returned to large multi-site customers in the competitive non-domestic water market will be “more than expected”. Water retail competition will allow all non- domestic water users to switch suppliers of water retail services from 1 April Many commentators have predicted that low margin for retailers in the English business water market will limit the ...

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