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Loving My Future Ancestors Overtly

In Nashville, TN

I wish to open this with a quote from “The Cowardly Lion” in “The Wizard of Oz”

 “Uncommon climate have been havin’, aint it!”

One morning, about two months in the past, on C-Span’s Washington Journal, I heard the top of Inexperienced Peace make the next assertion. And I quote; “If the world’s temperature rises one other 3½ levels, IT’S OVER!” After which he mentioned that we’re on observe to succeed in that 3½ diploma improve inside I imagine he mentioned, the subsequent 30 to 50 years < if > we proceed utilizing and burning fossil gasoline like we’ve got been for the final 40 or 50 years. However then he mentioned that we nonetheless have time to cease it. < However > he mentioned, there may be ONLY ONE WAY to cease it. And the ONE AND ONLY ONE WAY TO STOP the earth’s temperature from rising one other 3½ levels is to scale back our oil use by 2/three’s. He mentioned we’ve got to go away 2/three’s of the oil that’s nonetheless within the floor, within the floor. We can’t deliver it up and we can’t burn it!

Two weeks in the past on Fb I discovered an article that mentioned precisely the identical factor. It’s entitled, “The survival of the human race is dependent upon the destiny of Keystone XL and fracking” by David Atkins from “The Each day KOS” that’s If anybody is desirous about studying the article, I introduced just a few copies with me. However right here is the third paragraph from his article. “If all the oil within the Canadian tar sands is extracted and burnt, it is recreation over for the planet. That is what the combat over Keystone XL is basically about. If all the oil within the California shale is extracted and burnt, it is recreation over for the planet. That is what the combat over fracking is basically about. Industrial spills, poisonous leeching, and groundwater pollution–none of it can matter. If tens of tens of millions of People die early of most cancers due to the toxins concerned, that might nonetheless be a molehill in comparison with the mountain that’s local weather change.”

Final week I discovered “Philip Greenspun’s Weblog” at “” and in keeping with him, “all the U.S. fleet of passenger vehicles collectively burns 40 p.c of the oil that we use”. Now I’m simply guessing, however for those who add within the quantity of oil it takes to make all the diesel and gasoline for ALL of our vans and buses and motorhomes, this simply may get us considerably nearer to that 2/three’s, that 66% discount we have to guarantee a future for our Future Ancestors. So, it seems, if we didn’t should refine oil into gasoline and diesel, the issue of world warning could be a lot, a lot nearer to being solved. Or as inspector Clouseau would say, “sol-ved”.

So, is there any strategy to energy all of our vehicles and vans and buses with out utilizing fossil fuels? The reply is a powerful, “Sure Virginia there may be Santa Clause!” There’s a method! There are two vehicles which are at present being constructed and bought, one right here within the U.S. and the opposite abroad  that < if > the drive-trains of those two vehicles have been introduced collectively, mixed, merged, married, coupled, we might by no means once more want any fossil gasoline to energy any of our on a regular basis abnormal autos. So what are these vehicles?

In case you can imagine what you hear, see and skim on the web and YouTube; MDI, Motor Growth Worldwide positioned in Luxemburg and Tata Motors in India are, as we converse, manufacturing and promoting compressed-air-powered-cars. These vehicles will do 70 mph and may go two or 300 miles on a single cost of air. In case you Google “Honda compressed air automobile” you will notice one of many coolest wanting dune buggy kind vehicles you’ve ever seen. It appears like one thing out of Star Wars. It appears like one thing a Jedi Knight or a Storm Trooper would drive. It seats four and is powered 100% by compressed air. However, as a result of these vehicles should be very small and really, very gentle they may by no means be bought in America, as a result of they may by no means cross our security rules. However like I mentioned, we don’t want the precise vehicles right here. All we’d like is their drivetrain to be merged with the drivetrain of the automobile that I mentioned is being made and bought right here in the united statesA. And what, pray inform, is that this automobile you ask?  Why it’s the Chevy Volt, after all.

The Chevy Volt is a gasoline powered electrical automobile whose batteries will solely take it 40 or 50 miles earlier than they’re useless. However after they’re useless, the Volt isn’t. It retains on going as a result of it has an on-board-gasoline-powered-electric-generator. The Volt is powered the identical method all of our locomotives that pull and push all of our trains have been powered for many years. All locomotives are diesel powered electric-trains. CSX Railroad has a radio and TV industrial the place they declare they will transfer a load of freight nearly 450 miles on one gallon of gasoline. And in case you haven’t guessed by now. The way in which we get to zero use of fossil fuels for powering all of our on a regular basis, abnormal vehicles, vans, buses and motorhomes, is to easily substitute the gasoline-powered-electric-generator of the Chevy Volt, with a compressed-air-powered-electric-generator. I’m no engineer, however I’m as sure as 2+2=four and never 5, (See George Orwell’s “1984” for that reference.) that this may be pretty simple to do. And now to elucidate my Airathon OR Heirathon.

By means of a coincidental-natural-segue, Nashville and probably all the state of Tennessee, is being given the chance and possibly even the ethical obligation, to get entangled with serving to lead the world into the extra sustainable future we should have; through the manufacturing of compressed-air-powered-electric-vehicles. What is that this coincidental-natural-segue I’m taking about? It’s merely this. It’s the identify of a automobile that started its life in Jackson, TN and wound up being manufactured right here in Nashville, between 1914 and 1918. And the identify of this automobile is the Marathon. To me the identify Marathon is crying out to be modified to Airathon, spelled both as Air-athon, or the extra poignant and spelling-binding spelling of Inheritor-athon. What I’m proposing is that Metro Nashville and possibly all the state of Tennessee critically take into consideration beginning a brand new automobile firm to fabricate compressed-air-powered-electric-vehicles. If we a minimum of tried to do that, the world would thank us many occasions over. Additionally the Marathon Motor Works constructing remains to be standing at 1305 Clinton Avenue and is now Marathon Village.

And now I’ll finish with this: A number of years in the past both proper earlier than or proper after 9/11, on both LinkTV or Free Speech TV, I occurred to catch a part of a documentary, the place all the documentary consisted of the person who was making the documentary merely touring all over the world and interviewing among the world’s greatest and brightest minds. Individuals like Nobel Laurites, Pulitzer Prize winners, well-known authors, faculty professors, PhD’s, theologians, non secular leaders, activists, politicians and such. And he started each interview with the identical query. “What’s the reply? What can we do? What do we’ve got to do to make sure the survival of the human race on this planet?” I can’t keep in mind any of the solutions, aside from that of the 77 12 months previous, internationally identified, Canadian born, Japanese, award-winning scientist, environmentalist, peace activist and broadcaster named David Suzuki. And he merely mentioned one thing to this impact; ~“The reply could be very easy. The ONLY factor that’s going to spare the world from the environmental holocaust we’re descending into and save the human race from going extinct is LOVE. LOVE IS THE ONLY THING that may do it. NOTHING ELSE WILL WORK!”~ All he’s saying is, ~“Love is the reply.”~    

To cite Jimi Hendrix:

~”When the ability of affection overcomes the love of energy, the world will know peace.”~ All he’s saying is,

~“Love is the reply.”~

In case you search for the David Atkins on-line article I quoted from in the beginning of this, you will see that a cartoon of a person sitting on the ground of a cave sporting a tattered and torn enterprise go well with and speaking to 3 kids round a small camp fireplace, with the next caption: “Sure, the planet obtained destroyed. However for a fantastic second in time we created a variety of worth for shareholders.”

Is all of this true? Is the status-quo descending us into an environmental abyss of unstoppable, apocalyptic proportions? The one strategy to discover out for positive is to NOT pursue the philosophy of “Higher protected than sorry.” All we’re saying is give “Higher protected than sorry.” an opportunity. Give it a preventing probability.

Arnold Joseph White ~ 02/14/2014 ~ ~


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