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In 1729, Satirist Jonathan Swift made “A Modest Proposal” that the “impoverished Irish would possibly ease their financial troubles by selling their children as food for rich gentlemen and ladies. This satirical hyperbole mocked heartless attitudes in the direction of the poor, in addition to British coverage towards the Irish basically.”

In 1970, Douglas Stewart, a college professor in California, was upset by the rise of Ronald Reagan and recommended that maybe there have been too many aged individuals transferring to California and voting. He made a modest proposal of his personal, writing a controversial article within the New Republic titled “Disenfranchise the outdated”:

The vote shouldn’t be a privilege in perpetuity, assured by minimal bodily survival, however a share within the persevering with destiny of the political neighborhood, each in its advantages and its dangers. The outdated, having no future, are dangerously free from the implications of their very own political acts, and it is unnecessary to permit the vote to somebody who’s actuarially unlikely to outlive, and pay the payments for, the politician or social gathering he might assist elect…. I’d advocate that every one individuals lose the vote at retirement or age 70, whichever is earlier.

Now as a child boomer inside two elections of that “finest earlier than” age, in fact I am shocked and appalled at such a suggestion; it is ageist and discriminatory, and boomers and seniors have a lot to supply.

However Stewart has some extent. What he noticed in California within the ’70s is taking part in out in America at the moment. The boomers and the older voters received the presidential election (though Donald Trump did win amongst younger white individuals with no school schooling). I famous in an earlier post,

And as I predicted, the millennials didn’t present up in something just like the numbers the boomers and seniors did, and the present authorities is doing every little thing in its energy to show again the clock, to cut back taxes on the wealthy child boomers, to take away laws that defend the setting for generations younger and but to come back, in order that extractors and builders can generate profits now.

In impact, the older voters get to maintain what’s theirs and depart the mess for the children to wash up.

medicaid spending
Predictions for Medicaid spending over the following few years. (Photograph: Avalere Well being evaluation)

You’ll be able to see this taking place plain as day with the brand new Trumpcare act working its method by the Senate, one which dramatically cuts funding for Medicaid. Be aware the form of the spending curve for the aged — it goes up after which down, in order that the influence on older voters isn’t felt for a decade, when many would possibly properly be useless. As a result of as Reagan famous, “You dance with the one which brung ya.”

‘Kicking the can down the highway’

You’ll be able to see it taking place with debt and the way in which governments are run. Sayyajit Das writes in Bloomberg about how we’re dwelling at the moment on the expense of tomorrow:

The prevailing method to coping with these issues exacerbates generational tensions. The central technique is “kicking the can down the highway” or “lengthen and fake,” avoiding essential selections that would cut back present dwelling requirements, eschewing mandatory sacrifices, and deferring issues with related prices into the longer term.

NIMBY sign
Not in my yard! (Photograph: Peter Blanchard/Flickr)

You see it taking place in cities and suburbs round North America, the place older voters reject initiatives to construct transit, enhance density or set up bike lanes in favor of NIMBYism, resistance to alter, and sustaining the best to drive a giant automotive wherever and to have free or low-cost parking after they get there.

I’ve argued prior to now that millennials have no person guilty however themselves in the event that they don’t present up and vote, however that’s not completely true; the older individuals in cost have made it very tough for them to vote and have gamed the system. And as soon as they’ve that energy, they use it. Daniel Munroe discusses the issue in Macleans:

Selections made by older generations will have an effect on the pursuits of youthful and unborn generations, however these youthful generations will themselves have much less or no say. Furthermore, as some argue, older residents have higher incentives to deplete pure assets, underinvest in infrastructure, accumulate public debt and ignore the setting. Polls of high political points present that concern for the setting and schooling declines with age. Grandma votes in opposition to carbon taxes and recycling applications, and Grandpa votes in opposition to schooling spending? So take away their proper to vote and let youthful individuals make selections in regards to the future.

Munroe concludes that that is maybe a nasty concept.

As long as older residents are nonetheless dwelling residents, a good and legit democracy should proceed to acknowledge their political equality and supply them with means to affect selections that can have an effect on their pursuits. Frustration with the coverage preferences and omissions of older residents is a long-standing criticism of youthful residents. Future generations will little doubt proceed to shake their heads at many points of the world they inherit. The problem for dwelling, and particularly older, generations, is to vote and interact in politics in ways in which transcend self-interest.

And in the long run, it is most likely a moot level anyway. In accordance with Ronald Brownstein in the Atlantic, the following presidential election in 2020 goes to be the primary since 1974 by which the newborn boomers will not be the biggest cohort, the place millennials will likely be 34 p.c of voters whereas boomers will shrink to 28 p.c. Solely half of eligible millennials voted in 2016; one suspects that in 2020, they could be older, wiser and extra engaged.

yum, painting of saturn eating one of his kids
Saturn might have been extra grotesque about it in Goya’s well-known portray, however what’s taking place now is not that completely different. (Photograph: Wikimedia Commons)

That they had higher be paying consideration, as a result of as Sayyajit Das so elegantly put it:

Future generations will bear the final word value of current selections or inaction. As in Francisco Goya’s well-known portray, “Saturn Devouring His Son,” at the moment, the outdated are consuming their kids.

Lloyd Alter ( @lloydalter ) writes about sensible (and dumb) tech with a facet of design and a splash of boomer angst.

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