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In the never ending battle to beat out absurdities such as Stewie the Grape Stomping Reporter and the real 19th century vampire kit that is (apparently) a must have, here is a little contribution that picks up on my last blockbuster; seven categories of lists, each of which is composed of 7 separate lists, where each list has seven items!!! Not only that, but get this, every list and item has to do with the environment. This technology, it’s a miracle – wouldn’t have been possible with Google – distilling this stuff down into one easy to find place for y’all.


1. Technology

7 Overrated Technologies – Those Luddites were really onto something, weren’t they?

7 Eco-Friendly Search Engines – Go green with your Internet hide and seek.

7 Online Tools for a Green Wired Life – When you’re online all the time.

7 Clever-but-Questionable Eco-Power Innovations – To power our salad shooters.

7 Portable Laptop Solar Chargers – The battery thing.

7 Ways the Military is Using Eco Tech – …as they kill people.

7 Environmental Sci-Tech Articles – Metalink to 7 more articles on Ecotech.

2. Travel & Transport

7 Eco-Cities Worth a Visit – When you’re not saving the planet, fly around it.

7 U.S. Eco-Travel Destinations – Spend your worthless dollars here!.

7 Offbeat Eco Trips – Disturbing number of animals in this one.

7 Eco-Wonders You Should See Before You Die – Tons of CO2 needed.

7 Green Cities No One Talks About – Mum’s the word.

7 Worries, 7 Answers About Hybrid Cars – The driving question.

7 Ways To Power A Vehicle By Wind – If you’re an ideological fanatic, you might like this one.

3. Lifestyle

7 Things Every Church Can Do For the Environment – Get your church up to snuff.

7 Slow Movements and Memes – Putt, putt.

7 Tips to get Recession Ready – To stay in the middle class.

7 Easy Ways to Live an Eco-Friendly Lifestyle While Saving Money – Frugality.

7 Solutions to Common Eco-Living Problems – Burgers too?

7 Eco Tips To Beat The Credit Crunch – Stop spending?

7 Eco Friendly Products – Where’s my nano-glazed cookware?

4. Catchy

7 Things to do With Lemon, the eco friendly way – Read it, just read it.

7 Things You Can do to Make an Eco-Friendly Ganpati – One stop shopping.

7 Ways To Green That Time of the Month – Half the audience will appreciate this.

7 Greenest Cartoon Characters – HA HA HA!!!!

7 Eco Green New Years Resolutions – If you keep them.

7 Celebrity Environmentalists in Need of Green 101 – Only seven?

7 Ways to Tell You’re a Global Warming Loser – Get a clue, get a job, etc.

5. Politics

7 Things Most People Don’t Know About the Green Party – More info.

7 Executive Orders for Obama – More advice.

7 Ways to Fund a Green New Deal – More, more advice.

7 Endangered Species Rulings to be Revised – More tough noogies.

7 Deadly Environmental Sins of President Bush – More criticism.

7 Key Green Election Issues – More, more, more advice.

7 Spiritual Laws of Love – More laws, but more godly.

6. Work and Business

7 Things That Every Environmental Entrepreneur Should Know – Biz.

7 Tips to Attract the Best Green Workers – The strong survive.

7 Seeds of Meaningful Work – if you are not involved in meaningful work right now…

7 Green Jobs That Will Make You Rich – Show me the money!!!

7 Green Office Moves – Nearer my desk to thee.

7 Green Economy Myths – Debunked! – A certain subsect loves this stuff.
7 Simple Things You Can Do To Make Your Office Greener – For the lazy, I presume.

7. Home and Building

7 Innovations in Air Conditioning – That miracle of cooling.

7 Ways To Avoid Greenwashing Your Building Products – Not paint-related.

7 Easy Ways to an Eco-Chic Bathroom – Green your can.
7 Green Money Savers for the Home – The double green here.
7 Bad Habits of Eco-Design Driven Consumers – Habits.

7 Ways to Save Energy – The Juice.
7 Tips to Green Your Refrigerator – It’s chilly in here.

Lists of Seven
Sure, sure…

In the never ending battle to beat out absurdities such as Stewie the Grape Stomping Reporter and the real 19th century vampire kit that is (apparently) a must have, here is a little contribution that picks up on my last

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