Students, Join the Green Your School Challenge!


Taking small steps to be more environmentally-friendly at home is nice and all, but improving the efficiency of systems or institutions can make a much bigger difference in reducing negative impacts on the environment. That’s one of the ideas behind‘s annual Green Your School Challenge, which asks students to come up with ways to improve their school, as well as bringing these efficiency ideas back home.

The 2012 Green Your School Challenge kicked off this week with a fun video announcement from comedienne and media personality, Olivia Munn.

Starting now, students can sign up to participate and compete against other schools to try to do the most good to make their school use less energy, recycle more and all sorts of other creative ways to reduce their impact on the environment.

You can get more information on how to participate at the DoSomething website, but below are some key details:


Join the Campaign

1) Sign up at or text GREEN to 38383
2) Get all of your friends to sign up too. Schools must have 10 participants registered to be
eligible to win.
3) Browse and select projects to tackle. Use our action guides to help!
4) Report back by April 22nd online or by text and be eligible to win great prizes.
5) Winning schools get $1000 and $5000 grants and a chance to be honored at the White
6) 4 individuals will be selected to win a $500 college scholarship for registering

We’re always inspired by the passion of young people, so we hope any students reading this will join the challenge! And to all the parents and teachers reading, please share this with students you think would be interested!

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