Oil Sheen in Gulf of Mexico Probably Coming From BP Spill Site


The Coast Guard is saying that oil sheen in the Gulf of Mexico, first sighted last month about 50 miles offshore of Louisiana, both can’t be recovered and doesn’t pose a threat to the shoreline, but it’s all just one more remnant of the Gulf oil spill.

Washington Post reports that the 3 mile long by less than quarter mile wide sheen spotted yesterday does match oil released in the Deepwater Horizon disaster. Though not officially commenting on the sheen, apparently an internal BP slide presentation cited by the Post says the newly leaking oil:

The size and persistence of this slick, the persistent location of the oil slick origin point, the chemistry of the samples taken from the slick, suggest that the likely source of the slick is a leak of Macando…oil mixed with drilling mud that had been trapped in the riser of the Deepwater Horizon rig.

Though no one has 100% confirmed the source of the 3 mile long patch of oil sheen spotted last month, an internal BP presentation says it’s likely from the Deepwater Horizon site.

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