Arkansas, You’re the ‘Natural State’, So Why You Slacking? Teens Turning Green Need You!


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The motto of my homestate, Arkansas, is ‘The Natural State’ and if you’ve spent any time in the Ozarks or floating the Buffalo National River, you’ll understand why. But despite the green-sounding motto, Arkansas isn’t always living up to its moniker. When I was in Austin for South by Southwest Eco last week, I learned via Teens Turning Green that they had reached 49 states for their Project Green Challenge 2012 and I was sad to hear the only state slacking on getting involved was Arkansas.

Not cool, Arkansas. Not cool.

Teens Turning Green describe the Project Green Challenge as “a global call to action for high school and college students to transition from conventional to conscious living.” It is comprised of 30 challenges in 30 days throughout the month of October and “PGC presents participants with daily themes (body, food, labeling, paper, fair trade, energy…) and up to four challenge opportunities at varying levels of engagement.” Schools are awarded points, can earn prizes and all sorts of other stuff you can read about here. So far, Teens Turning Green have “2400+ students on 436 campuses, in 49 states and 32 countries” involved. But…Arkansas isn’t among them!

We’re already twelve days into the 30 day challenge, so it’s a little late to get your act together now, but Arkansas, you should think of your tardiness as an opportunity. Like our Arkansas Razorbacks football program, we’re not currently living up to our potential, but by starting off so badly in the hole, it is a chance to overcome adversity, possibly come back from behind and prove all the naysayers wrong. It’s the classic comeback story!

So here’s the deal, Arkansas. You can’t be the comeback hero if you don’t get in the game. It’s not too late to sign-up. Teens Turning Green needs just one – ONE – inspired teacher or school administrator in Arkansas to take this challenge on and get involved.

If you know or are a teacher in Arkansas, get in touch. Just as I’m happy to shame Arkansas into positive action, I’m equally happy to recognize the teacher, students and school that decide to get involved.

And to all you other 49 stats, good job for getting involved already!

Arkansas, You’re the ‘Natural State’, So Why You Slacking? Teens Turning Green Need You!

Teens Turning Green have 49 states involved in their Project Green Challenge. Arkansas, you slacking?!

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