March of the Penguins takes over cities worldwide


Penguins are on the march worldwide — paper ones, that is. A new campaign by Greenpeace has sent beautiful life-sized paper sculptures of penguins to every continent of the world in an effort to educate people about the importance of protecting Antarctica, penguins’ native habitat and one of the world’s last pristine marine ecosystems.

Greenpeace would like to see the creation of a 1.8-million square kilometre ocean sanctuary in Antarctica. It would be a safe haven for penguins, whales, and seals, and there would be no further industrial fishing allowed in its teeming waters. (Sign the campaign petition here.)

Meanwhile, as a scientific research vessel makes its way to Antarctica to collect valuable data over the next three months, the ten paper penguins have been creating quite a stir worldwide. Created by an artist called Paperwolf, they are designed using a computer animation program that develops a 3D model and are then built out of machine-cut colored paper. The resulting creatures are delightful, no doubt putting a smile on the faces of all who encounter them.

A number of images have been released by Greenpeace depicting these birds in touristy settings, interacting with friendly passersby, decked out with suitcases and hats.

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