Environmental Issues Are Becoming a Wildfire

There is no denying from the fact that environment is changing quickly and consistently. With the change in environmental conditions, it has become a requisite that everyone must be aware of the change, its causes and effects. We people must be conscious of the problems that our planet is facing at the moment like massive influx of natural disasters, rapidly increasing temperature, cooling effects, different types of severe weather patterns and much more.

It is a recognized fact that people from all over the world are facing wealth of new and challenging environmental problems every day. Some of them may be very small but most of them are changing the environment radically. Global warming is just one example. Our planet is getting warmer and warmer; Obviously we are the part of the problem too.

It would not be wrong to say that we are in a state of terrestrial emergency as the environmental problems are thinning out and piling up high around us. As our planet is at a point of severe environmental catastrophe, problems we are facing need an urgent attention. There is a long list of environmental issues but some top of the list current issues include global warming, pollution, climate change, deforestation, overpopulation, scarcity of natural resources and biodiversity loss etc.

Global warming has become one of the largest issues of the time. It is the result of emission of greenhouse gases by different human practices like burning of fossil fuels etc. The planet's temperature is rising dramatically. The excess increase in temperature is causing many unusual environmental conditions like rise in sea level, floods, melting of ice caps and excessive snow etc.

Pollution is a whole of air, water and soil pollution. The largest contributors causing pollution are exhausts of industries and vehicles. Smoke and waste of industries which include different toxic gases and liquids are the largest cause of air, water and soil pollution.

Climate change is another problem which is mainly caused by global warming. Environmental temperature is rinsing as a result of release of harmful greenhouse gases from industries and burning of fossil fuels. As a result of global warming, many unusual climate changes are occurring like severe weather conditions, melting of polar ice caps, infrequent rise in sea level etc.

Deforestation is one of the focal issues of the time. Plants and trees which are the absorbs of the greenhouse gases are becoming scarce. The rate of deforestation is increasing with the development in industrial field. People are clearing out the lands to make it available for building new industries. As a result climate is getting polluted causing many other environmental issues.

Overpopulation is another big issue to be considered. Population of the planet is reaching to an untenable level. The problem is very challenging for the under developed countries where people are facing shortage of resources like water, food and fuel. Increasing population is causing the depletion of natural resources which are already scarce. As a result intensive agriculture is practiced by using fertilizers, pesticides and insecticides which are damaging the environment.

All the above mentioned environmental issues are interconnected. Existence of one is causing the other. Overpopulation is causing scarcity of natural resources; deforestation is causing the climate change; pollution is causing global warming and biodiversity loss and so on. All these environmental issues are becoming a wildfire that require an urgent attention.

Source by Tarbia Iftikhar

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