PEX Tubing – The Best Alternative For a Copper Pipe

PEX is polythene that has crossed links. The links that connect polymer chains are called cross links. The structure makes it stable, strong and most suitable for radiant heating applications. Almost all these heating systems use PEX tubing. This tubing is used for many other purposes like insulation for high tension wires, off shore handling of oil and natural gas, transportation of chemical, slurry and in some places sewage also. Insulated tubing can end adverse climate conditions. From PEX pipe, high performance can be safely expected in very hot or very cold countries. In recent times, this tubing has replaced polyvinyl chloride and chlorinated polyvinyl chloride tubes for domestic water pipe lines.

PEX tube is non corrosive which makes it highly suitable for chemical transportation too. It is quite flexible so it would not burst at any point of time. It is easy to use or repair which is why these tubing systems are increasingly being used for various plumbing purposes. PEX piping can be easily bent and can be easily installed with fewer fittings. They are available in many sizes and colors. Two different colors can be used to distinguish hot and cold water. The size may vary from 1/4 inch to 4 inch. The most popular sizes that are commonly used are 3/8 and 1 inch tubes

One important use of PEX piping is hydronic radiant heating in which the tubing is laid under the wooden floor and an aluminum foil is spread over it. Heated water is constantly pumped through the tube and the heat of the water gets delivered into the room traveling upwards. This in turn helps in keeping the floor warm during the chilly winters. PEX tubing is exceptionally strong and would not melt or change its shape so easily. The constant movement of hot water will not melt or disfigure the tube. There is little heat loss so before reheating is not required so often. It is very economical as reheating charges are saved.

The flexibility of the PEX tubes makes plumbing quite easy. The PEX requires less connections and joints and screwing. It is highly cost effective and is highly suitable for its use at home or work places.

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