The History of Seal Beach California

Seal Beach, California used to be dynamic and charming place. Now the situation is a bit different. Some years ago Seal Beach was a lively and dynamic place with games, entertainment and of course, the seals. Nowadays, all the liveliness and clamor of Seal Beachis replaced with people peacefully walking the pier or or enjoying the beautiful beaches.

Seal Beach, California was established in 1915 with a population of 250. The town was first established under the name Bay City before being changed to Seal Beach. It offers the longest beach south of San Francisco. The beach is unique with its seals but also with the sightseers who visit the town, the people who go there to picnic, the adults who dance in the pavilion or dine at the restaurants and so on and so forth.

With the foundation of Pacific Electric Railway, Henry Huntington had brought to Seal Beach, California many people who displayed interest to invest their money in the community. These people wanted to buy a strips of land along the beach, which was a rare commodity. As the population of Seal Beach, California was increasing, the people continued to enjoy the beauties that town had to offer.

During World War II the growth slowed down a bit, but the postwar years ushered in improved imports and industry. Many more people decided to settle down in the area and trade was developing very quickly.

Some years later, someone decided to make Seal Beach, California a conservation area. They closed the gambling houses and the amusement park. The purpose of all these prohibitions was to stop sea drilling, inshore erosion, and other environmental threats.

At that time, the population of Seal Beach, California had grown to 25,000. Despite the size of the population had decreed, the way of life in Seal Beach was quite pleasant. The people were living in a comfortable and quiet place rather than a noisy industrial town. A place where you can relax in peace and where you can enjoy the environment. Seal Beach, California welcomes all tourists who want to go surfing and shopping, or who wants to dance and listen to music. The beaches also offer lovely playgrounds and picnic sites.

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