The Cost of Utilities for Your New Home

1. The cost of heating your new home.

Most houses are heated with gas, so we will use gas as an example. Other forms of heat will probably cost more than gas, so it is important that you take those costs into consideration when calculating the cost of utilities.

When you find a home you would like to purchase, it is best to check with the gas company to see what the average monthly heating bill has been for the previous owner. Although the actual heat for a home will depend on the choices made by each owner, it should give you an approximate idea what the heat will cost you monthly.

2. The cost of lighting your new home.

As with the gas bill, you will probably find that the cost of electricity will also be more than it was for the apartment you have been renting. Contacting the electric company to find out the average price paid by the previous owner will give you a good idea of ​​what the cost of utilities will be for you.

3. The cost of sewer, water and garbage.

If you have been renting an apartment you probably did not have to pay for the sewer, water or garbage and these items can be quite expensive. As with gas and electricity, the average cost of the previous owner's sewer, water and garbage can be calculated by contacting the utility provider.

4. The cost of snow removal.

The cost of snow removal varies from year to year, but snow removal for some winters can cost a great deal, especially if you have a long driveway.

5. The cost of air conditioning.

This amount should also be calculated while you are gathering the amounts for monthly utilities.

Copies of the utility bills can be obtained from the previous owner and they are usually provided at the beginning of the negotiations, but I still believe it is best to rely on the utility companies to provide you with the cost of utilities for this home.

In addition to the cost of the utilities, having the items turned on in your name before you move is crucial. Having the utilities turned off when you are ready to move in is very frustrating and can cause unwanted promises. In addition to the gas, lights, water, sewer and garbage, you will want to contact the internet service provider, the telephone company and the television company so you will have all of these services ready to go when you move in.

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