Easy Garden – Plant Your Plants in the Cheapest Planters on the Planet

Here's the thing: I honestly can not get out of my skin and have to be practical all the time. It must be a curse or something … Not being able to stay away from the flowers and herbs and veggies, I keep running out of planters over and over again. Unfortunately, the nearest store is not right across the street and as it's really urgent to plant some new seeds I've just received the mail (now!), I am forced to use my creativity.

First I realized how any kind of basket, made out of natural material is a great looking and useful planter. You probably have some around the house and have nothing to put in. Try to turn them into pots. Protect the inside with a plastic shopping bag (cut away the access on the top and punch a couple of holes in the bottom), fill up with potting soil and you have a new planter.

If the plastic bag showing around the rim of the basket others you, there's an easy solution for that as well. Spread any kind of moss as mulch around the plant and your planter will have a perfectly natural, unique look. Rocks or pebbles make a nice (concealing) decoration, too. Beside, dollar stores are a rich source of the baskets of all sizes, shapes and materials.

On another occasion I needed a larger container to plant some kind of a vegetable that grows roots deeply. Looking around desperately for something that could serve the purpose, my eye mold a styrofoam packaging from the meat I ordered online a little while ago. That was one happy discovery for me! With the small screwdriver I poked a few holes in the bottom and my perfect-size-container was ready to become a new home for my mini garden.

The third thing that's probably lying around your storage room or basement is a styrofoam cooler. That one also makes a great planter. The big ones are large enough for planting a bush with some ground cover flowers around. Be careful when moving it from place to place, though. They break easily if you squish them from the side too much.

All three kinds of cheap (or free) planters described above should last at least a couple of seasons if you treat them right. If you do not like the look of styrofoam, put this kind of container behind a nicer one or plant some hanging plants around the edges and your gardening success and happiness are (almost) guaranteed!

Source by D. Perse

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