Detoxification-Dealing with the Healing Crisis

You just underwent a body cleanse. Do you feel anything out of the ordinary? Do you feel worse compared to a few days before you started on the detoxification process? Whenever you go through a detoxification process, it is inevitable that you will experience some symptoms associated with the treatment. Commonly known as the “healing crisis”, these symptoms can last for a few days or even longer in some rare cases.

No wonder many people who had gone through a detoxification process usually say that the cure is much worse than the disease! However, keep in mind that this is just a temporary phase and that the symptoms will be gone before you know it.

Among the most common symptoms that the body is healing from within are the onset of a fever, headaches and various aches and pains, tightness of the muscles, unexplainable fatigue, abnormal skin flare-ups and excessive yawning. Other symptoms may include digestive disruptions such as excess gas, constipation and/or diarrhea. A woman’s menstrual cycle may also be affected after going through the detoxification process.

All these are positive signs that toxins are being dislodged from your body. As such, these symptoms should be encouraged rather than suppressed. So, if you are thinking of reaching out for your usual medications to provide relief from these symptoms, fight the urge to do so. It would be wiser to turn to your holistic healthcare provider instead so that you can be sure that the symptoms are well within your control.

If the symptoms are becoming too hard to bear such as when toxins are being dumped into the intestines at a large rate, it might be the time for you to resort to alternative treatments. But this must only be undertaken upon the approval of a qualified professional. Among the suggested treatments that can help you ease the detoxification symptoms are the following:

. Colonics or Enema. This has been proven effective for hundreds of years in removing toxins from the intestines. A coffee enema may likewise be performed to encourage the dumping of toxins from the liver. However, please remember that these techniques are intended solely for the purpose of minimizing the symptoms during the detoxification process and not recommended to be integrated in your normal routine.

. Activated Charcoal. This probably is the most effective stuff that can be used to adsorb toxins from the gut. It is very effective in attracting and attaching unabsorbed poison, chemicals in the bile and other drugs on its surface thereby preventing the toxins from being recirculated in the bloodstream. Don’t worry because the carbon would not be digested and will eventually pass through the body unchanged.

Activated carbon can be purchased from any natural foods store and is available in powder, tablet or capsule form.

. If you are going to use the powdered form, mix it first with a small amount of spring water before taking it.

. If you opt to use one in a tablet form, be sure to crush it first before mixing it with a small amount of spring water.

. For the encapsulated form, empty the contents and mix it with a small amount of spring water.

Regardless of whatever form you opt to take, be sure to gulp it down with 1 to 2 full glasses of water.

. Bentonite Clay. Bentonite clay functions essentially the same as activated carbon but is significantly less effective. Like activated carbon, bentonite clay can be purchased at any local natural foods outlet.

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