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Environment And Conservation – Wildlife Hospitals and Rescue Centers

With more and more animals and wildlife creatures being endangered, the number of ecological parks, wildlife hospitals, veterinary clinics and animal rescue centers have also increased dramatically. These hospitals and organizations are usually setup to recruit other individuals and communities to support and help out in the protection and care for the threatened, injured and endangered wildlife, starting from one animal to a whole species, then return them eventually to their natural habitats.

The objectives of such organizations are protecting and enhancing the natural environment; providing education and information to the public; raising awareness of wildlife concerns and issues; undertaking biological research; researching, recommending and acting o protect threatened and endangered animal species.

These organizations usually do not accept federal monies and are often funded by donations, grants and memberships. They use these to conduct several programs that will benefit the animals.

Volunteering is also encouraged and would surely reward those individuals in having rich and unforgettable experiences. There are numerous ways to provide assistance to these organizations to help them achieve the goal of helping out the sick and injured and orphaned animals. You can just contact the specific organization that you are interested in helping out.

Some hospitals are Caddington Hedgehogs, Bedfordshire Wildlife Rescue, Swan Lifeline, Raven Haven, Lower Moss Wood Wildlife Hospital, Mousehole Wild Bird Hospital, Folly Wildlife Rescue, The Fox Project, The Lancashire Hedgehog Care Trust, Three Owls Bird Sanctuary and Reserve, Spikey’s (Hogarth’s) Hedgehog Rescue, Weirfield Wildlife Hospital and The London Wildcare Trust and a lot of others.

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