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Thanksgiving has ended which marks the official start of the holiday season in the United States. Other countries have also begun their celebration as the Christmas month arrives. Green is the general color of Christmas, not to mention that Christmas trees are made from evergreen coniferous trees. Green is associated with nature, as it often symbolizes the need for more plants and trees amidst the expanding cities and huge amounts of forests being razed to give way to infrastructures. But now, in this time of great environmental peril bought by pollution, green has been embedded with a defect meaning. Green now means pollution free. And the best way to have a green Christmas is through the use of Green Energy.

A Green Christmas is considered by environmentalists as the greatest gift we can give to the planet and to ourselves. It is the season to give love, so we should show our love to the planet we have wounded so badly. We should start living green today to help the environment. Energy generation is the main root of pollution. Energy generation therefore, is also where changes should be made. We should make the shift from the harmful brown energy technologies to the healing green energy technologies. Green Energy is energy produced with very little pollutants that the level of pollution does not go beyond the ability of the earth to recover.

Green energy generally involves the use of renewable energy sources that empower sustainability. Renewable sources such as solar power, hydro power, and wind power produce very little pollution, but along with other similar sources pale in terms of efficiency. This inability to meet efficiency demands is the main reason why brown energy technology has prevailed over the years. This has caused research and development to be centered on the improvement of the efficiency level of green technology. And all the R & D has borne fruit with the materialization of efficient green energy.

Green Energy has experienced great technological advances and innovations over the decades and has finally reached the level of efficiency being offered by conventional forms of energy. Biosphere technology utilizes advance forms of the gasification process to transform solid wastes into clean energy. This revolutionary system is considered the first real solution to air and land pollution.

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