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An Electric On-Demand Water Heater Isn’t Green – Yet

If America isn’t awake, it soon will be as Congress gears up for coming energy legislation. The President wants this legislation enacted as soon as possible and every group that has an interest is lining up to try to influence the outcome.

The stakes are high and the outcome will affect the cost of everything from turning on the lights to hot showers. And so we wait to see the impact it can have on the environment, the country and the homeowner.

The estimated cost to the energy industry for carbon emissions will be $646 billion through 2019 according to Energy Bulletin’s Marianne Lavelle. This is money that will flow into the US Treasury and perhaps used to fund green energy projects.

The industries with a stake in this have already reacted by hiring more lobbyists to try to shape this legislation to their purpose. Figures from the Center for Public Integrity estimates that there are now 2,300 lobbyists employed on this crusade – more than four for every member of congress.

The homeowner has a stake in this too. On-demand and storage tank electric water heaters aren’t green yet – currently 54 percent of the US’s electricity is supplied by coal and petroleum. One of the things that can influence the outcome is that players like the coal industry, which have deep pockets and the most to loose in this struggle have so far outspent their opponents 10 to one.

The companies ready to ramp up with green solutions don’t have the deep pockets to compete with these industries. Many are just now beginning to get the venture capital they need to start production. It’s hard to judge at this point, but the big factor may be a grassroots effort by concerned citizens to help the President push his initiatives through.

If the idea to be 100 percent carbon free electric in 10 years is real then flipping a light switch or turning on the hot water will be the dawn of power from a new breed of energy. Then on-demand, tankless hot water heaters will be truly green – saving through their energy efficiency as well as by using clean energy.

Source by Ryan Fletcher


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