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Buy Pepper Spray and Mace Online

Ever have that creepy crawly feeling that someone or something is watching you when you're walking alone down the street? Even more creepy crawly is being alone at home and feeling that someone is peering at you through the windows or hearing a door rattle when you're sure no one else is in the house with you.these are times you wish you had something quick and easy to grab and carry with you as you check to see what's making those disturbing sounds; a few canisters of pepper spray and mace could be just what you need to carry with you.

Traveling to a new city can be intimidating and a little scary, especially if you're traveling alone. You want to spend some time seeing the sights but you're not sure about going out by yourself, you just do not feel comfortable walking out on the streets, no matter how bright lit, by yourself. You can feel much less vulnerable simply by slipping a little pepper spray or mace in your pocket or purse. You have the security of knowing that you have the means to protect yourself and stop an attacker just by activating that little canister of pepper spray or mace if it becomes necessary.

These little canisters can be used at a moment's notice. You can choose from a variety of sizes and styles; some are stream shots and some are foggers. They even come in designer styles for the sophisticated gal who wants to be fashionable at all times.

There are several different strengths of pepper spray. For instance, Wildfire 18% Pepper spray formula is hot, hot, hot. It instantly permeates the skin, closing the eyes of the attacker, and inhibiting the respiratory system. It's a pepper spray that will give you the time to get away from the danger and run to safety.

Mace is available in all shapes and sizes. There's a pink pepper gun that sprays like an aerosol and will even spray upside down. It has a trigger-activated LED light that allows for better aim. Mace will temporarily disorient the attacker and you'll be long gone before he finds a way to follow and attack you.

We all want the feeling of safety and security no matter where we are so carrying a little pepper spray or mace canister with you will often give you just the added self-confidence you need to walk down an unfamiliar street or travel to another city.

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