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Can Rocks Make For a Better Shower Filter?

What’s so good about Wellness shower filters? Do you believe in magic?

Other chemical and chlorine removing shower filters use technologically advanced filters and multi-stage systems to block unwanted contaminants, while balancing mineral content and pH. Wellness shower filters, on the other hand, use rocks.

Now we are not saying that Wellness shower filters are not very fine, full featured systems, but you’ll notice they cost two to three times as much as any other fine, full featured chlorine removing shower filters. The reason for the additional cost is rocks.

Rare Japanese igneous or volcanic rocks imbue water with anti-bacterial properties and alter the water’s pH level by simply coming into contact with them. No kidding, that’s what the wellness shower filters company claims on their website.

Now, there was a proper scientific study of one of the rocks. It is referred to as Bakuhan(TM) by the Wellness shower filters company. Bakuhan-seki is the Japanese name for the rock. Geologists call it quartz porphyry.

The scientific study found that it increased crop yield when used as a soil additive. The reason for this is attributed to the stone’s highly porous nature. The soil was able to retain higher levels of calcium and magnesium than otherwise. When it comes to water filtration and specifically chlorine removing shower filters, this means nothing.

The other stone is referred to as Taicho(TM) by the Wellness shower filters company. It is another type of igneous or volcanic stone. The name “Taicho” basically means “general wellness” in Japanese.

According to the Wellness shower filters advertising information, the stone is said to produce infrared light which kills bacteria. The infrared light also, supposedly, causes all water it touches to kill bacteria. No way. This is a claim with no real scientific backing or studies to support it, but even if it were so, it would be problematic.

While bacteria can cause illness, there are good bacteria that live on the skin and in the digestive system. Many studies are suggesting that the rampant use of anti-bacterial soaps and over use of antibiotics, in general, is causing bacteria to mutate. We hear more and more about new bacterial strains. They are resistant to our efforts to kill them.

It’s near impossible to get rid of certain strains of staph, these days, particularly in hospital environments, where the use of antibacterials is prevalent. Why would you want to shower in water that kills bacteria, anyway?

It does not really matter though. The claims made by the Wellness shower filters are silly. Infrared light does not kill bacteria. UV filters are used in some well systems to help remove biological contaminants, i.e. bacteria.

The best way that anyone knows of to kill living things that inhabit the public water supply is chlorine. But, chlorine dries the skin and the hair. Studies indicate that showering in chlorinated water causes a build up of chlorine vapors and chloroform gas in the home. Both of which are potentially toxic respiratory irritants that trigger asthma attacks and allergic reactions.

It is for those reasons that we need good chlorine removing shower filters. And, there are many good ones on the market. Wellness shower filters are just not worth the additional cost, unless, you believe.

Source by Ronald Frommert


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