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Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF) is the newest sensation in the sustainability industry. It is a potent source of electricity that is both clean and efficient. It is clean in the sense that it can be produced without any material amounts of pollutants. It is therefore classified as environment friendly. It also possesses a level of efficiency that is at par with those of conventional energy sources such as oil and coal. This is quite a feat because almost all other green energy sources lag in terms of efficiency. With the perfect combination of greenness and efficiency it is bound to be a major player in the near future.

Refuse Derived Fuel is produced in an extended MRF (Materials Recovery/Recycling/Reclamation Facility). The said facility collects raw municipal solid waste from residential areas. The waste is then segregated into two portions. The first portion consists of all reusable materials. This portion is then processed to recycle the components. After recycling the material are then sold to end users. The other portion which is composed of the non-reusables and biodegradable components is taken to the processing plants where it is broken down into very small pieces using complex gasification techniques. The entire gasification process is conducted inside air tight chambers that prevent the escape of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.

The particles produced by smashing the non-recyclables and biodegradable components of the waste will then be superheated to transform them into steam of immense heat. The steam is them harvested by generators that will harness its combustibility. The harnessed combustibility will then be compacted to form Refuse Derived Fuel. The use of very high levels of heat is the secret to the efficiency of RDF. RDF can fully replace all other forms of energy. Its aim is to replace those that harm our environment.

Refuse Derived Fuel is considered a miracle by many because of the fact that it also eliminates waste while it generates clean electricity. It therefore has the capability to solve the world’s growing waste problem. It is exponentially better than the currently employed landfill system that only relocates waste and not really disposes of it. A single MRF facility can obliterate the trash from all landfills in a region. The land being occupied by garbage can then be treated and developed to be usable for other more fruitful purposes. The money being spent on landfills can also be allotted to other spending.

Source by D. A. Ocampo


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