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Global Climate Change Caused by Mankind?

Many Think Tanks around the Global are talking about Global Warming now. All this talk, discussion and dialogue has made its way into the mainstream media and now 75% of all Americans and Europeans believe that Global Warming is being caused due to mankind’s emissions of greenhouse gases; namely CO2.

But all this belief in the surveys really has to do with the increasing number of stories in the mass media. Recently someone in our Think Tank asked of another member;

“I think what you are saying if I may be so bold as to paraphrase-there is GCC [Global Climate Change] but it is not being caused by man?”

The answer was very interesting indeed; “Yes that is what I am saying. Sure there is a percentage of mankind’s involvement, but it is somewhat insignificant over all and to that point it is mankind’s arrogance to think that he is the sole cause.” Even Al Gore who has taken it on himself to lead the US efforts in the Global Warming awareness issues;


Al Gore seems to agree that; lets stop fighting over it and look ahead at solutions. Indeed, our Online Think Tank has many solutions, but no one is interested in solving these issues, only political fighting over them. We see no one out planting 5 Billion Trees, collecting the CO2, or building massive infrastructures.

One member of our Online Think Tank stated last year; Call us when you get serious about Climate Change and solutions, but we are not interested in being used to promote scare tactics onto the American People. And when you come to talk to us, be sure to have already discussed emissions with China and other polluting nations. We certainly hope this article will propel thought into 2007.

Source by Lance Winslow


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