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How to Use WOW Add Ons to Get the Most Out of WOW

Whether you’re a recent World of Warcraft convert, or a dyed in the wool convert, using WOW add ons can increase your enjoyment of the game, and your game performance.

If you’ve been muddling through without the help of add ons, you may be wondering how so many other people manage to level up so quickly, win more battles, earn more gold, and just plain beat you in every way.

Chances are, there’s no great mystery, or even special talent involved. They’ve probably got the inside track because they’re using add ons.

What Do Add Ons Do

Simply put, add ons are little programs that you download, and use when playing World of Warcraft to make leveling easier, and help in questing.

How Do You Get Add Ons

Add ons are available for download everywhere on the net. Some are free, some are paid for, and they can affect just about every aspect of your game.

Is It Legal?

Yup. Fortunately, Blizzard, the creators of the World of Warcraft, have agreed to let players download and use whatever add ons they like. Of course, you do need to exercise caution though, because, even though they don’t have a problem with you using them, if they cause chaos with your game, you’re on your own – there’s no support for add ons.

Some Of the Best

Not all add ons are created equal, but there are some that are really great, including:

  • Atlas – the WOW atlas add on gives much more detailed maps, including battle grounds and other
    popular areas, and runs while you play, meaning high quality, detailed maps in your game, all the time!
  • Titan Panel – adds lots of controls and options to your control bar. View coordinate displays, loot
    types, experience points per hour, sound, equipment condition and lots of other useful information, or turn them off, while you play.
  • KLH Damage Meter. Want to know how much damage you’re inflicting? This one’s for you then. Lets you know exactly how much of a threat you are.

There are loads and loads of other add ons you can get, that can enhance just about every aspect of your game play, and a little searching online, and some trial and error, should result in a bouquet of WOW add ons that really improve your game.


As we’ve mentioned before, not all add ons are worth the download, and you may end up with lots of programs cluttering up your hard drives, and not having a noticeable impact on your game. Be sure to do your research first!

Source by Brian Conley


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