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Know Your Surroundings During an Earthquake

One of the first steps you will need to know for an earthquake is to recognize your hazards. Look around your home, auto, classroom, and office places for ideas on how to better protect you, your family and co-workers. Pick out things you think might move or shift when an earthquake happens. Have your family put an action plan together for your home with emergency kits and make it something fun for the kids in the house to participate in. They will want to learn by watching you.

There are so many different emergency supplies available to strengthen furniture and keep them from moving. That big dresser next to your bed – is that anchored to the wall so when the ground moves and shifts it won’t fall over? The same goes for that big screen TV that sets on a stand in the living room. Electronics are expensive and you should have them anchored with straps to a stand where it could fall over and cause damage. The same goes for priceless glass, pottery pieces, or pictures that are invaluable.

If you live in an area or moving into an area where you know there is a history of earthquakes, it could be a frightening experience. There are community centers across the country with helpful information on earthquake preparedness and your local volunteer service has disaster drills every so often to help you improve your skills to prepare for an earthquake.

This is the most important and essential way to survive an earthquake. That’s to be prepared for one. Having around your house, vehicle, office and classroom can save yourself and others lives. You need food, water and a first aid kit for at least three days. It should be in a placed in a place where everyone knows, preferably outside, so you can just grab it and go.

Earthquakes don’t wait around, they come jerky, shaking, rolling and it will take you anywhere it wants. Being prepared and knowing what to do catch on and the leadership of knowing where you are and what to do can save your life, family and home. Plus you are able to survive with the emergency kits you have selected until you are rescued. This will give you peace of mind with the knowledge and supplies you have to stay alive with.

Here is some suggested information to get you started. Be informed, make a plan, get involved, build emergency kits and make it fun and games for the kids. This information is for any type of disaster. Be prepared.

Source by Brian R Schwartz


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