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Does my body need cleansing? Yes! From a list of hundreds, the top symptoms are: Allergies, PMS (Pre-menstrual syndrome), Chemical sensitivities, Constipation, weight gain or Obesity, digestive and dyspepsia. Every time you breathe, drink, or eat, you’re exposed to a variety of pollutants, food additives, or other toxins. Lifestyle choices or even bad habits can lead to the presence of certain chemicals or medicinal residue In your body. These impurities and toxic bi-products will build up to an undesirable level, so in these situations it’s imperative that your body be cleansed. In addition, cells throughout the body are constantly creating harmful substances as a normal part of metabolism. The combination of internal and external toxins can increase your risk for a variety of serious conditions, including cancer. The right foods can stimulate the body’s waste-removal systems, helping to prevent these toxins from rising to unsafe levels.

How long do toxins stay in my body?

An entire lifetime! Toxins can stay in your system anywhere from several hours to a lifetime, depending on the type and amount of toxin ingested, coupled with your rate of metabolism and general health.

Did You Know?

The fluids in your body constantly pass through the liver and kidneys. They process every nutrient from the digestive tract and also play a major role in recycling. It chemically modifies toxins and wastes so that the body can reuse them. They then route them to the bladder for disposal. Both the liver and the kidneys do a tremendous amount of work and need nutritional support.

The kidneys work around the clock, acting as the main filter. It filters about a quart of fluid every minute. Their job is to recycle some substances and return them to the body and to eliminate harmful toxins and metabolic wastes in the urine. The kidneys are so important to your overall health, and work so hard, that they consume 20-25% of all the oxygen your body uses.

The Liver is the most complex organ in the human body. It has important roles in detoxification, hormonal balance, fat regulation, digestion and circulation. It is like the main chemical mill in your body, performing over 500 different chemical functions. Compounds are broken down, synthesized, altered, burned, detoxified and excreted. Our livers metabolize the nutrients proteins, fats, and carbohydrates. It turns toxic materials into non-toxic substances for expulsion. The liver manufactures and secrets bile in order to absorb fat-soluble nutrients and eliminate toxic substances purifies the blood, filters bacteria, endotoxins, antibodies-antigens and other. Our livers act as blood banks for 20 to 30% of your body’s blood, manufacturing blood clotting agents and blood proteins, metabolizing and storing hormones, and even controlling triglycerides, cholesterol, other blood fats, and body fat levels.

When should I cleanse my body?

Begin Today! As toxins build up, our bodies become less efficient at removing accumulated waste and toxins. The sooner you begin, the sooner your body will begin to heal.

What Can You Do To Help?

There are several strategies you can use, to counter act the effects of harmful chemicals. You may decide to use detoxify products, which are readily available on the market today. Most claim to be the most natural ingredients. Remembering that there is always a “synthetic” source to the making of these, and we chose to use a better diet. You can add a detoxifier program if you chose, but please consult your physician first.

The medical field does agree that a better diet is where to start first; suggesting first to load up on insoluble fiber. It removes toxins from the intestine before they can damage cells and lead to colon cancer. To ensure that you get enough, eat several servings per day, of whole grains, such as whole-wheat bread or brown rice. Next, consider kelp in your weekly menu planning. This sea green helps stop environmental heavy metals such as strontium-90 from being absorbed. Keep in mind also, that your body needs a lot of fluid to transport toxins to the kidneys and liver for disposal, so drink at least eight full glasses of water a day. And include apples and onions in your diet. They contain quercetin, a compound that helps the body flushes out uric acid, which may build up and cause uncomfortable inflammatory conditions.

Good Foods That Help

Most crunchy vegetables contain chemicals that have been shown to increase the activity of several liver cleaning enzymes. It’s especially important to eat carrots, when the liver is overwhelmed by environmental toxins, such as pesticides or air pollution.

As strange as it may sound, eat dandelions! This lawn herb is a rich source of lecithin. Lecithin aids in the removal of bile, a digestive fluid that may contain carcinogens. Dandelion contains a B vitamin called choline, which helps liver cells regenerate themselves. Dandelion also helps the body remove excess estrogens before the hormone has a chance to trigger endometriosis, a condition in which tissue from the uterus grows on other abdominal organs.

Milk Thistle is an herb, which has been used for centuries, as a liver remedy. It contains a compound called silymarin that increases levels of a natural liver-cleansing chemical by as much as 35 percent. It also helps damaged cells, to regenerate. Fresh or frozen orange juice is rich in citrate, a mineral that helps flush harmful deposits from the kidneys.

Dried Apricots have much alkalinity and also increases levels of citrates in the body.

Supplements Can Help

You may ask your doctor about taking the following supplements to help liver and kidney function, in order to better detoxify the body: Dandelion root, at about 1000 mg per day. Take Lecithin, at about 500 mg per day. Use Milk thistle, at about 200 mg per day. Potassium citrate, at about 400 mg per day, and Vitamin E, at about 400 IU per day.

If you have any heart condition, or kidney condition, ask your doctor before taking any potassium. If you take an anticoagulant medication, do not take Vitamin E.

Always ask your doctor before taking any natural or synthetic medications, as intermixing them may induce harmful side effects.

Source by Jill Manzoni


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