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Learn the Live Koi Fish Care Essentials to Produce Healthy Breeds

Domesticating fishes requires much effort in keeping them safe and healthy that’s why before buying them, it’s important that one knows live Koi fish care. Nowadays, aside from gold fish, the most popular fish grown in aquariums are Koi Fishes. These new breed came from the carp family and they have similarities as to appearance. Koi fish are mostly everyone’s favorite pet these days because they are colorful.

Before Koi fishes are to be domesticated, their home must be prepared. Most Koi fishes are placed on small ponds by the garden because they add beauty. Some are on aquariums in houses or stores because many believe they are “lucky”. One must prepare a space sufficient on the fish’s size as well as its number. This is important to prevent the fishes from overcrowding and allow them to swim freely.

The pond’s size or aquarium must be enough for the size of the Koi fishes. Aside from giving them sufficient space to freely swim, it allows them to grow. Fishes have tendency to grow slower when the place they live in is small. When putting up a garden Koi pond, one must make sure on the water depth. Enough water depth ensures the fishes’ safety from hovering or nearby predators.

When enough space is prepared for Koi fishes to live, filter system is then installed. These helps clean the water from dirt accumulation. It removes debris and water’s wastes so that fishes will not be poisoned. The water in the pond or aquarium must also be of the right temperature.

Koi Fishes can leave in cold weather but not extreme cold. These makes the fishes adapt in any season change. Yet owners have to be careful in checking the water temperature once in a while. Sudden fluctuations in water temperature may not be good. Water fluctuations usually happen during springtime.

Another thing to ensure when caring for Koi fish is to know about their food. Koi fishes can eat meat or plant but they are usually given fish pellets. These fish pellets are already complete food for fishes. It is also important to know how much food to feed to prevent overfeeding.

When everything else is set, one can start buying their favorite Koi fish. Owners though must not stop learning live Koi fish care essentials. There are still many steps to take to produce healthy Koi fishes. These steps are also important to prevent Koi deaths or sickness from occurring.

Source by Ryan Tyler


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