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Make an Investment That Will Build Value

Question: Who thinks the new world of green building and “going green” has the capacity to rescue today’s real estate market?

Answer: Anyone who manufactures, sells, processes and represents any products or systems that use renewable energy for their main source of power. Add to this any service or business dedicated to creating a better living space for the occupants of our built environment, whether it is for residential or commercial use. There are green real estate designations, green real estate and green mortgage certifications to help your professionals become more “green” savvy.

Jobs are a concern and green growth offers this so isn’t it obvious it is not business as usual anymore? Can you hear job creation as an additional benefit?

Today, even as we are seeing many lose their homes, or “going under” because of slowing sales in the real estate sector, there is a quiet revolution happening for all to join in and prosper from. The new world of “going green” is creating as much opportunity as the historic gold rushes. Not a democrat, who cares? I am a proud republican and even I see this as opportunity.

Consumers are smart today. You cannot simply sell this sector just any home. It has to produce better and more lasting results for lower utility bills in the near future. It must be better for our living environment. A property must not only meet our needs, but more and more consumers are demanding that they exceed those needs.

Years ago, consumers moved every 5 to 7 years. But experience makes me feel that consumers want to stay longer. The home they buy or rent must be more sustainable and healthier.

Similarly, to keep employees happy and coming back, our workplaces must offer more. Our lifestyles are changing, and this is reflected in our ideas of home purchase, or when corporations decide to move their offices or build branch visibility.

Today we know that green buildings boast documented higher productivity and lower absenteeism rates, which from the healthier materials and design techniques used. Many more people are beginning to accept the fact that first costs are not the only factor to consider when building or renovating. It is the life of the structure that is being considered. Who doesn’t want lower utility bills?

I encourage everyone to find their niche and join the new “green” revolution. It is not an issue if you are a democrat or republican. Begin to care about your carbon footprint and make a difference for your clients and customers. As consumers, begin to look at the long-term value of the renovations you invest in. In the long run, you will see a difference in your bottom line.

Source by Kerry R. Mitchell


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