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Remove Defense Center – Easiest Defense Center Removal Out There

Have you installed Defense Center to protect you computer against viruses and malware? Unfortunately for you, you have fallen victim to what is becoming an increasingly common scam. Not only is the virus remover not what it says it is, the program is actually a virus, the very thing it was supposed to provide protection against, and you have no time to lose, you need to remove Defense Center as quickly as possible. Because it is installed like a real application, you may think you can simply uninstall Defense Center, unfortunately this is not the case at all.

By design, malware is difficult to remove, this is the case with this particular malicious program. It is not easy task to get rid of Defense Center. It utilizes your PC's memory to hop around your hard disk and replicate itself in several directories. Then, it looks for email addresses, credit card information, financial information, phone numbers, and anything that can be sold. It then transmits this information using your internet bandwidth.

To spare yourself from the headache of having to delete Defense Center, it is better if you do not get infected at all, here are some ways to stay reasonably virus free:

  • Keep away from websites that may contain browser hijackers – These would be lesser known websites.
  • Be careful about using Adobe Software-Adobe has some vulnerabilities that virus creators can somehow exploit, use anti-malware utilities if you must use Adobe software online.
  • Do not download music using P2P software like eMule or Limewire – This exposes your PC to many unknown users.

With this type of virus, early infection signals would be pop-up messages warning you of a virus problem and urging you to download protection. The product advertised though is the actual malware, and installing it causes the real damage.

Although Defense Center removal is hard it can be done. A lot of expert users opt for manually removing the virus by:

  • Deleting files with.EXE and.BAT extensions that are related to the virus.
  • Looking for and removing all DLL and LNK files that may have been generated by the virus.
  • Running the Regedit command, and trashing all the malware related entries in the folders HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE and HKEY_CURRENT_USER

If you want to remove Defense Center in a less tedious and more user friendly manner, the best way to do it is with a reputable antivirus software. It is faster, safer, and it will also secure your data from future infection.

Source by Jim Marshall


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