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Renewable Energy Careers That Are Available

Many colleges and universities are seeing an upward spiral interest among undergraduates in opting for "renewable energy careers" and new technologies that keep environment clean and do not contribute to global pollution. Recently the "Los Angeles Times" reported that interest in renewable energy is too new to be reflected in enrollment statistics. Even so, college officials at Arizona State University, Indiana University and the University of Colorado report that energy and sustainability are very hot topics for students and more and more are studying engineering and science every semester.

Yannis C Yortsos, the dean of the University of Southern California engineering school has recently mentioned that unlike the past past when most people were after acquiring management education from top business school, in the coming future more and more people will opt for "green careers" and other renewable energy field. Yortsos has seen a rapid rise in student interest in renewable energy sources, which is attributes to a rising social awareness of sustainability issues and climate change.

And he is not the only one to think this. Many highly qualified and experienced professionals are showing positive interest in these technologies. Wind power energy, solar energy, energy from waste, energy from bacteria and other alternative energy options are getting attention worldwide. It sees the new generation technologies would help save our natural resources and keep our planet and environment clean and green.

The Fresno Bee reported that area colleges are offering many different courses in solar energy. The University of California will began it's solar energy program this past summer, Fresno City College will be training students how to install solar panels on roofs and at California State University in Fresno, two professors are developing a new course on renewable energy. Similarly, Diana Wu, Dean of UC Berkley Extension, showed similar concerns about setting up the new generation green companies and job opportunities in them. Obviously, for a better future we need to be concerned about our ecology and environment.

With the sagging economy and millions of people looking for jobs and even new carers renewable energy carers are looking better and better. Reuters has also reported that even people who have lost their jobs recently are also showing positive interest in clean energy careers. Robert Kups, who was a victim of the massive layoffs in Detroit's huge auto industry, is planning on taking several courses this fall at Kalamazoo Valley Community College in installing and maintaining wind power turbines. Many youngsters like him are of the opinion that coming future is all about these non-conventional and green energy technologies. He is just one of many others who have joined this movement.

The US President Barrack Obama has made serious efforts in his short time in office to promote developing alternative energy, which is is hiring will create millions of the US jobs. Obama pledged to double renewable energy production in three years and wants at least 10% of America's electricity to come from clean energy sources by 2012.

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