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Waste Terminator: The Rise of the Biosphere Machines

Waste has always been one of the largest dilemmas that plagued a nation. For generations man has lived with waste and even through much technological advances, has failed to overcome his waste problems. And as the population grows, the amount of wastes also grows. Experts fear that time may come when wastes occupy more portion of the planet than us.

Research and development on waste disposal has been inonging for more than a century now. And the most commonly used method today is the landfills. A landfill is the oldest type of waste treatment and organized waste disposal and many landfills still operate all over the world. A landfill or dump or rubbish dump is a site where garbage is disposed of through burial. Landfills however, are usually unwanted by communities near the area where they are built because of the undesirable effects and dangers they bring. Landfills often give off bad smell even after the trash gets treated. Toxic sap may also poison the land and the nearby groundwater. Critics argument that landfills do not dispose of waste and just relocate them, and therefore are not real solutions to our waste problems.

After the discovery of gasification technology, a true solution that can truly erase waste has finally come to rise. The newest form of the gasification process is the biosphere technology which involves the use of biosphere machines to break down waste to molecular level, there them to steam, and utilize the steam to power up generators that produce electricity. The biosphere machines are cutting edge in the sense that they actually give people another reason to get rid of wastes, and that is generating electricity. Biosphere gasification is accomplished in closed chambers so limiting the release of carbon emissions that are harmful to the environment. Biosphere machines therefore not only eliminate the need for landfills, they also provide efficient means of generating electricity and thus entailing oil independence translating to added economic security.

Biosphere electricity is classified as a type of green energy because it is generated with very little pollution. It is also categorized under the sustainability industry because with all the trash we have dumped in our surroundings, it will take decades before all of it is used up by the biosphere machines. And when the time comes that all the waste is clear to the point there is not enough to fuel our waste terminators, biosphere flakes will be available as substitute.

The electricity generated by biosphere machines is so efficient it has the potential to rival or even surpass the efficiency of that of coal and oil. Biosphere gasification is also cheaper because it does not need any catalysts. It also produces recyclable by-products that can be sold in the market to help offset part of the expenses. Biosphere technology is indeed the long awaited solution to solid wastes disposal, air pollution prevention, and eco-friendly energy generation.

The rise of the biosphere machines will definitely mark a new era in man's crusade to terminate wastes.

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