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Your Clothes Airer – Not an Imaginary Friend

One technique suggested for relaxation is to imagine you are an adult holding the hand of a frightened child. This strikes a personal note with me in an adult ski school week. Anyone who has signed up for beginners ski school well knows what the score is. You have lessons in going in a straight line, turning, braking and stopping. You also step by step progress higher until you are throwing yourself off the mountain top. I found myself holding the hand of a little girl. I spoke to her and she reassured me it would be ok.

Your clothes airer is there on the wall or standing on the floor whenever you need it. Ideal for those wintry dark nights when the weather is too bad for drying outdoors. The clothes airer maintains your independence from the tyranny of the energy hungry tumble dryer. These days we are all concerned about high energy bills and the way we build or reduce our carbon footprint. No need to pay for carbon offsets when you fly. No guilt feelings because every time you hang your laundry on the airer you are effectively reducing your carbon footprint.

Life could be easy if you had all the time in the world to ride a bicycle all day. You could turn your T.V on, you could play electric guitar, you could boil an egg but it’s almost impossible to sustain for long periods. Clothes airers make no demands like a bicycle. They simply allow the clothes to dry naturally. Clothes airers also supply a central point to hang the clothes. No more embarrassed clearing underwear from radiators when surprise visitors call.

After a couple of years I returned to the ski slopes on a summer working holiday. I burst out laughing when I saw the field that was no more covered in wintry snow. As a field it looked a gentle slope but in my beginners mind it had been a steep climb!

The clothes airer is an easy way to learn about a natural drying system. Amazingly clothes hung on the airer dry in the passing ambient just as outdoors in the sun.

Source by Jean Forsyth


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