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Is Fractional CO2 Laser Resurfacing a Sensible Facelift Alternative?

If you’ve been thinking about getting a facelift, you may want to consider fractional CO2 laser resurfacing before going under the knife. With recent improvements in laser technology, this minimally-invasive alternative to surgery has become very popular.

A fractional CO2 laser is best described as a laser that creates thousands of microscopic perforations in the surface of the skin. These tiny little holes which reach into the skin’s dermis induce skin tightening and new collagen growth, improving the skin’s texture and tone to fight fine lines and deep wrinkles, and even acne scars.

Of course, it isn’t a magic wand. There is still a short downtime and the procedure can cause some discomfort. But these are minor compared to what you would experience from plastic surgery.

A traditional face lift, also known as a Rhytidectomy, can cause bruising and swelling for 2 to 3 weeks after the procedure and swelling may not fully dissipate for several months. Additionally, a traditional facelift requires general anesthesia, which carries some risk, with additional complications including bleeding, as well as damage to the facial nerves and infection, although these are less common.

Fractional CO2 lasers leave the skin around each of the perforations intact, which allows the epidermis to heal from the edge of these tiny holes very rapidly. This means that the average down time typically lasts about 5 to 7 days.

Additionally, ninety percent of patients rate the pain as a 2 or 3 on a 10 point scale.

The treatment itself takes about an hour with an entire appointment lasting about 3 hours which includes time for numbing, after treatment care, and learning about the best way to take care of your skin in the future to ensure that your results last as long as possible.

The cost of a treatment is another reason this technology has become so popular. A traditional facelift in the US usually costs between four to six thousand dollars, and if you also get your brow, eyelids, and neck lifted, the cost can exceed fifteen thousand.

A single fractional CO2 treatment that covers your entire face and neck usually costs less than three thousand dollars.

Finally, before deciding on any kind of surgical or non-surgical procedure to improve your appearance, make sure you consult with a qualified and experienced professional.

Source by Teresa Rowlett


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