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Watch the Seasons Change, Engage All of the Colors and Scents – Bring Focus to Your Environment

Sense the scenery that surrounds your periphery.** Drink in scents, tastes get amazed as you become awakened by the sunrise and inspired before sunset. Watch the seasons change, engage all of the colors and scents- bring focus to your consciousness. *** Partake and interact with the happiness that abounds in your environment! Smell the greenery of fresh, live Christmas trees. Gaze lovingly at the decorations, tantalize your eyes with the lights that inspire and ignite positivism based on your own actions. Taste and enjoy the smell of hot apple cider, Darjeeling tea, or gingerbread cookies. Touch the cold,winter snowflakes with your tongue, feel the texture of winter in the air Show the Universe that you appreciate all of its wonder, splendor, and glory even now and forever more.

Be sure in knowing that you engage the very pulse of our planets’ sounds, scenes, tastes, scents like a freshly sung song by a morning bird, the hypnotic sound of crashing ocean waves, cracking fireplaces burning clean air, or hearing your echo return back to you, as you shout into a cave. Be brave, stand up for what’s right! ~

****While Christmas is a time for celebration, it is by no means a vacation to be asleep to the global needs of keeping the planet safe, healthy, abundant and clean. If we all wish to keep our senses going strong, then it’s time to sing songs to a new tune of earth-conscious recycling and living, giving our planet the chance to live in harmony with you and me and our families.******

Life significance is not about how many followers you have on social media, or about how much money you’ve made. No, life significance is about the difference you made by impacting planetary awareness and consciousness, start today! Leave your legacy behind. Begin by being kind to your planet, by being respectful of other people’s Intellectual Property and tangible property. ***Keep your hands, eyes, ears and nosy nose in proper alignment with respect for yourself, others and especially for your planet! We are all one, we all occupy one planet, for now, live harmoniously and the world will reward you splendidly- live acrimoniously and the world will give you more of where your intention gets fed. Be spiritually alive, not spiritually dead to clean, conscious-free living and get fed exactly the way that you feed your own soul. Watch the seasons change, and know that you can do the same- better yourself and watch your world comply to your changing outlook and action. Improve your life, engage all of the colors, scents and circumstances that you’d like to engage. As long as you and your posterity are all alive- bring focus to your consciousness. Partake and interact with the awareness in happiness that abounds in your planet by positively impacting your environment and mine!

My desire is that you experiment and engage many great smelling foods, spices like a sweet, smelling perfume,or any or many more new scents, for many generations to come, and enjoy learning more about yourself in the process!***

~I enjoy learning from you and form others offering me knowledge continuously!***

Source by Lorie Ann Jermoune


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