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Thyroid hormone which is secreted by the thyroid gland located just below the neck region is one of the main hormones that control the body metabolism. This gland is seen as a small clump of tissue near the throat. For many people, this can be finely felt by running the hands over the throat region contrarily for some; they look very prominent even from a distance as a protruding area under the throat.

The thyroid hormone is secreted with the help of an enzyme called the thyroxin. Chemically, thyroxin is a biochemical agent that helps to accelerate the secretion of thyroid hormone by aiding in the absorption of iodine from the blood. Coming to iodine, it is an important mineral that is generally found I many of the iodised salts and sea foods. They are key to thyroid gland activation. In other words iodine can be said a micro element, that is required in a very minimal yet at optimal levels by the body for speeding up the metabolism of the biochemical reaction. Scarcity of iodine can lead to hypothyroidism while excess secretion leads to hyper thyroidism.

For most of the girls during their puberty, they may have to fight with the thyroid disturbances. This is a natural phenomenon but these disturbances last for only a very short period may be till the first menstruation cycle or two. There might occur some irregularities in growth and physical appearances. They are not to be worried. In some extreme cases, the thyroid secretion may be in higher limits or might be in a minimal quantity than the required optimal amounts. This can lead to various psychological disturbances as well like depression, or any kind of change in the emotional feelings, loss of appetite, and feeling of a loss of mental strength. These might occur along with the other common thyroid imbalance symptoms like hair loss, dryness of the skin etc. These can be however rectified easily by supplementing the diet with iodine rich foods.

When talking about the effect of thyroid small dysfunction in case of teenagers, the sudden offset or onset in the production of the hormone can lead to mental imbalance for a very short period. It can also result in the loss of self confidence. In other words, it can result in the appearance of weak conditions or weak environment for the affected individual. Another important side effect is that the individual is extremely prone to various communicable diseases. This results because; the self immunity is drastically hampered due to a loss of essential mineral for the bodily defence mechanisms. However, this can be over come by having foods rich in zinc or by having any zinc supplements. Some of the common infections include the sore throat, skin rashes, skin infections and various respiratory problems.

For some cases, the thyroid hormone does not block the bones at the required time thus aiding them to grow at a more increased rate. This often results in tall individuals who have thyroid problems unattended for a long time.

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