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Emergency Survival Kit – The Survivalist Stigma

Most people do not want to be classified as some off the wall neo-nut preparing for the end of the world. So even communicating to people around you about your efforts towards preparing for emergency survival can cause a certain level of discomfort within your social circle. Even if common sense tells them otherwise. This is known as "The Survivalist Stigma" and is a strong source of concern for those people interested to promote their efforts toward becoming self reliant in a time of crisis.

Let's face it, we live in a decadent age, where processed foods and blockbuster entertainment numb us to our humanity, survival is not for everyone. Our cerebral cortex may have finally convinced the reptilian part of our brain that survival is less necessary than say, the new Batman movie or a Starbucks.

Having this attitude will not prevent the forces around us from initiating real crisis situations. From global economic crisis to natural disasters and the ever present danger of terrorism, there has never been a time in history when the importance of establishing your own safety net has been greater.

Equipping yourself, your home and family with essential emergency supplies does not have to be a budget busting life altering experience. What it takes take is careful planning and an investment of time and some money towards building a security framework that can sustain you for as short a time as 72 hours. But seventy-two hours is the least amount of time you should have prepared to be self reliant. That would be for very short duration event such as a power outage. Many factors must be considered in order to properly assess what and how much you'll need based on the most probable source and level of the threat.

For most, building an Emergency Survival Kit for your home, an emergency preparedness car kit and developing a disaster plan requires knowing where to find the right resources and being able to trust that those resources are of the highest quality and reliability as well as economic. Do not let peer pressure prevent you from taking control of you and your families security. Find out the what you can do right now to build your own Emergency Survival Kit and Disaster Preparedness Plans.

Source by Rick Dampier


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Emergency Survival Kit – The Survivalist Stigma

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