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As summer winds down, some will get the blues, but for me, it is hard time to get depressed. It is actually time when my life and that of many just like me are recharged by an injection of renewable energy in the form of enthusiastically young adults venturing into our world. Watching them move around campus with energy levels that easily beats that of the energizer bunny is invigorating to say the least. During the first few days, it is easy to recognize freshmen with their wandering eyes looking for familiar faces or themes in this new world. Although it has been more than I dare to admit, I can still refer to their struggle. I still remember my first day as I stepped into the campus of Cairo University. I recall literal asking myself: "Can I make it through?".

They are away from home, from the norm, entrusting complete strains with the making of their futures. To think that I am part of making their future brighter, I can not help but feel lucky to be a teacher. I may not make as much money as I would have if I joined the industry. I may not have had to put as many hours into my job or walk around with my head always churning technical ideas and thinking of ways to better educate these young minds. But where else could I get this supply of endless energy in the world outside. After all these years, I can not think of a job choice that would have been better. Since eternity there were those that were always looking for the fountain of youth, most believe it is really a myth. I think I found one and it is big enough to share: become a teacher!

Source by Mohamed A


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