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Go Green and Choose Solar Outdoor Lighting

We are all accustomed to those little landscape lights that use the power of the sun to turn themselves on and off and recharge themselves. They only need to be placed where desired in the landscape and be left alone until the bulb finally wears out. Did you know that now there are even large lighting solutions that work on the same principle? Today’s solar outdoor lighting reduces one’s carbon footprint and reduces a household’s overall energy bill. And with the advancement of LED lights, there are even more incentives to take a closer look at solar outdoor lighting.

As municipalities like Boulder, Colorado and Port St. Lucie, Florida have taken initiatives to reduce their own carbon footprint and reduce their own electricity bill, so can you. Being safe and illuminated at night has never been so economical and green. There are several companies today who manufacture and install solar lighting for a variety of uses. There is an ever increasing amount residentially available solutions one can find at local retailers and on the internet.

Having outdoor lighting installed at your home makes a very apparent green statement when people see the solar panel attached to your lighting solution. It says you are conscientious and prepared to make investments in your future. Solar outdoor lighting can be as simple as one street light or a host of lights to illuminate a backyard basketball goal or tennis court. They make excellent choices for security lights and the LED lights deliver the same intensity as previous methods of night illumination, and are much more durable as well.

There are many lighting solutions that are now becoming solar powered. Commercial signage, security lights that employ LEDS will always stay bright, never fade and deliver crisp white light. Transit stations and other stand alone structures are increasingly being lit by solar outdoor lighting as they provide a safe economic alternative to running electricity to these sites.

With durability, economics, and sustainability on its side, it’s clear that solar outdoor lighting has a bright future. Check out on the web for retailers that have products that fit your lighting and energy needs.

Source by Bernadedtte Bickmore


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Go Green and Choose Solar Outdoor Lighting

We are all accustomed to those little landscape lights that use the power of the sun to turn themselves on and off and recharge...

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