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Halt Global Warming and Make Huge Energy Savings

The way that gas prices are on the rise at the moment should really be the least of our fears, because the gravest concern that has come to threaten our planet this century is how the environment is under attack. It doesn’t matter what your background is or even if you are rich or not, we will all have to suffer together regardless. Recent studies have revealed that literally millions of people over the next 40 years shall die due to environment changes from rising cases of skin cancer, lung cancer, and other respiratory diseases.

Our own personal carbon footprint contribution needs to be our main priority in life from now on and not only for the negative aspects but also positive ones, as there is so much that we too can do to help the environment. A great example to get you started would be to just plant a tree as this would help to offset about 720 kg of carbon during it’s lifespan, where as taking a plane from New York to Washington would put almost 800 kg of carbon back into the environment.

The average American creates about 22 tons of CO2 each year, which is quite an achievement if you compare it to the rest of the world, who still produce about 6 tons per person, which is still way too much. I am not saying that you have to go around on a push bike, but there really are things you can do to reduce your own personal carbon footprint: –

Tip #1: Buy local. “Carbon cost” is added to virtually everything within the consumer society. You have to take into account transportation, distance and the amount of energy that is consumed in the final delivery of a product to it’s point of sale. Recent U.S. Department of Agriculture studies show that the majority of fruit and vegetables have to be transported an average of 1500 miles from the farm up to the kitchen table. This is a complete and utter waste of resources, so do your bit and buy local farm produce.

Tip #2: Dress appropriately. Well I mean why don’t we just dress according to more acceptable temperatures. Reduce the thermostat if it’s cold and put on a sweater and when it’s hot put the thermostat up a bit and take off your shirt. These small hardships will help reduce 2,000 pounds of co2 every year as well as high savings on energy costs. This is all in aid of helping our planet remember, so please make an effort.

Tip #3: New for old: I don’t know whether you have seen those new energy-efficient CFL light bulbs that you can buy nowadays. Well they do cost a bit more than normal light bulbs and changing only 3 would result in energy savings per American home of $60 per year and as a planet this would result in a trillion pounds of CO2 not being emitted into the atmosphere. You should also try and upgrade appliances and computers to Energy Star rated machines, and remember to turn off the lights as you leave a room.

Tip #4: Keep it clean. A 500% increase in global warming can be the result of owning a poorly maintained car as well as it costing more to run. Have your car regularly serviced and checked to improve efficiency and if you do go out shopping, go to the nearest available store.

Tip #5: Improve gas mileage. Definitely consider driving a hybrid car or installing an alternative energy booster. I would definitely recommend a water fuel car converter being installed into your existing car. This is a fine way to reduce your carbon footprint by half and you will see a 40% reduction in gas mileage.

If we start now, it will be a much better world for all of our children and grandchildren. Everybody on this planet is equally responsible to stop this destruction and if nothing is done, it will all just end in tears.

Source by Paul Petersen


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