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Save on Kid’s Craft Supplies – Recycle!

Here is some information about how to collect and use recycled objects in your crafts!

You can save a lot of money on arts and crafts supplies by saving things that you might ordinarily throw away! If you are building up a craft supply box for a classroom, daycare, church or school – get the parents involved by sending out list of these items so they can help out too!

Make sure to prepare each item for storage. Wash and dry anything that contained food or liquids. Remove labels from jars, boxes, containers, etc. Be sure to have a place for each type of item. Plastic shoe boxes or empty baby wipe containers are great for storage. If you organize well, the supplies will be ready and easy to find when you need them!

plastic milk jug lids

plastic milk jugs (1/2 gal. and gallon)

soda can tabs

paper towel tubes

paper grocery bags

plastic grocery bags

baby wipe containers

baby food jars and lids

frozen juice can lids

plastic containers and their lids(like Cool Whip)

empty milk cartons (any size)

plastic soda bottles (any size)

soda bottle lids

junk mail


broken crayons

camera film canisters

old computer and music cd’s

plastic produce baskets


popsicle sticks

old markers

mismatched board game pieces

cardboard or foam egg crates

candy wrappers

rubber bands

Now what do you do with all of this stuff?? Create! Here are a couple of ideas:

Wheelbarrow Planter


Laundry detergent scoop

2 plastic milk jug lids

6″ length of ribbon

potting soil

flower seeds (seeds)

craft glue


Clean and dry scoop and lids. Glue a milk jug lid to each side of the scoop to form the wheels. Allow the glue to dry. Tie the ribbon to the handle of the scoop. Fill the scoop with potting soil, and plant the seeds. Sprinkle the soil with a few drops of water. You can have the child make these planters as gifts. Enjoy!

Ocean Treasures in a Bottle


empty small clear plastic soda bottle


cooking oil

blue food coloring





Remove the label from the bottle. Pour enough water to fill 3/4 of the bottle. Add a drop of blue food coloring. Add in the shells, beads, coins, and glitter. Fill the remainder with cooking oil. Place the lid on securely – you may want to wrap the secured lid with electrical tape. Now you have an ocean in a bottle – with treasure!!

If you have trouble getting the entire label off – you may want to place a label over it saying “(child’s name)’s Ocean in a Bottle”.

Have fun and let your children be creative with their recycled treasures!

Source by Pam Lester


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