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Severe flash floods sweep away cars, rain described as heaviest in memory, Cyprus

Heavy rain that started December 3, 2018, caused severe flash floods across Cyprus, claiming lives of at least 4 people. Locals described the rain as the heaviest in memory. The storm, named Gaia by local meteorologists, has the potential to drop more than 50% of normal rain for the month of December before it’s over.

Flash flooding from an isolated downpour is not uncommon on the island, but sustained floods are rare, Reuters reports

Rivers burst their banks, causing damage in capital Nicosia and forcing the partial closure of a motorway linking the city to Kyrenia, a historic harbor town on the northern coast.

Many schools were shut and damage was reported to the road network.

According to local media reports, at least 4 people died when their car was swept away on December 5. 

There are no other reports of casualties, but material damage is very high and the event is still not over.

Meteoalarm maintains Yellow severe weather alert for both December 6 and 7.

Featured image: Flash floods in Karakum, Cyprus on December 5, 2018. Credit: Girne Postasi

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