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Why Should You Use Wind Turbines For Your Home?

You may, so far, have heard of wind turbines being used for industrial purposes and using them for residential purposes may come as a surprise for you. However, you can use them for your house and conserve on energy while saving on your electricity bills by a huge margin. Let’s find out more…

Operating A Wind Turbine At Home

When you install a wind turbine at home, you will typically be served by a combination of power supply provided by your local electricity company and your turbine. However, if the wind speeds below 7 – 10 miles per hours, also known as, ‘cut-in-speeds,’ will not be able to generate enough power to be used for all household electrical chores. But increasing wind speeds will also increase the energy output generated by your residential wind turbine. This will mean reduced reliance on your electricity company and more dependence on our own electricity generation for most home electrical requirements.

Overview Of A Residential Wind Turbine

While commercial wind turbines have been in use in many part of the country for several years, it is also true that wind operated turbines for homes are fast gaining in popularity. Though manufactured on a smaller scale as compared to commercial wind operated turbines, they are available in diameters ranging from 7 – 25. Depending on the tested speeds of wind, these turbines can generate an output of around 900 – 1,000 watts of power during operation. Moreover since these turbines are made for residential use, they are light weight and therefore, more sensitive to wind speed changes and can respond to gusts of wind in shorter time duration than those manufactured for commercial purposes.

Residential Wind Turbine Makes Sense

As the price of electricity rises on a daily basis and as fossil fuel reserves quickly diminish, the cost of electricity production will escalate. Furthermore, the increase in world population further fuels the demand for energy, pushing the demand for electricity to newer heights. Therefore, alternate sources of energy like wind energy are going to be our future, while providing an effective solution to decreasing our reliance on electricity companies that are already feeling the heat! Unfortunately, the global climatic changes are only adding to growing concerns about finding other renewable sources of energy that can effective cut down on greenhouse gas emissions as well as global warming, since they are non-polluting sources of energy.

Advantages of Using Wind Turbines For Residences

Below are some of the most significant advantages of wind operated turbines for residential purposes.

1. Winder areas can resourcefully harness the power of the wind better than other less windy areas.

2. Wind is one of the few renewable sources of energy.

3. Wind is an inexpensive source of energy and can be disturbed to wider areas easily.

4. Wind is a non-polluting energy sources and significantly reduces the effects of greenhouse gases.

5. Wind turbines are easy to install and operate and take up little space. They can also share space with livestock and crops without much effort.

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Why Should You Use Wind Turbines For Your Home?

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